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All About Love!
omg im dying to watch this movieeeeeee!!! who's dying with me?! it's not out in Australia yet!!!! im dying to watch it!!! im gona cry in this movie..i know it..i reckon this movie is gonna get a big award...!
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wat is it??
[Image: minamisigtw3.jpg]
is it chinese or english?
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]

all about love is prob a chinese movie cuz i haven't heard about it
[Image: Wayne.png]
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I'd say its english, because chinese movies dont really 'come out' here...

*spam deleted XD
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]
no its a chinese movie! shame of you! chinese movies do come out here in Sydney at reading cinemas bm! lol....
'casting andy, charlene and charlie'...those are people from hk...charlene from twins..u know~ lol u ppl..tsk tsk

andy is a good actor but i just dont like his singing. he runs out of breath due to his age
[Image: joeybanner2-1.jpg]
whos charlie?
[Image: minamisigtw3.jpg]
[Image: allaboutloveposter022ql.jpg]

Charlie, Andy and Charlene

there u go guys!! shame of u people tsk tsk!
[Image: joeybanner2-1.jpg]
is charlene from twins? i don't like to watch and listen to anything by twins
[Image: 66d5d336gw6de6kbs8w71g.gif]
okay then... its not tat charlene Rolleyes
u should watch it Big Grin
[Image: minamisigtw3.jpg]

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