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do u ppl think she looks like joey?
lol...des has this for his msn display pic and at first glance i thought it was joey ahahahah...

i thought it was like a screen cap of their new mv or something...hehe

[Image: copy8.jpg]

don't u ppl think she look like joey??
the eyes and the shape of side face

she dosen't look like joey in other pics...but this look like joey..LOL
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
her skin colour is different... and she's shorter than joey Rolleyes

im talking about the look...and yah...her skin is not as clear and purdy as joey
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
Her name is different too Rolleyes Kate Tsui Rolleyes
and who is this Kate Tsue??...LOL
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
I THINK she was some miss hk gwa... Rolleyes
is this pic suppose to be new or old??
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
It's hacken's latest mv screen cap.
Its miss Hong Kong Number 1
haha it's just the eyes...the makeup too

i dont like her!! the other chick was hotter!!
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]

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