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what happened to the duet with hyori Lee?
guys guys..let's be nice to singers who just can't sing *RE* cough
i think hyori's second cd is coming out soon...the cover song was weirdddd
but here's a pic of her for those people who want to see what she looks like

[Image: athene2.jpg]
this was at the olympics in athens
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
loll van..u were the first to say she cant sing Rolleyes

anyhoo...she looks pretty there! and man...she looks soo much younger than her age..
o cool, olympics! loll i wanted to go Rolleyes

she doesn't look that good in that pic u posted lol
[Image: Wayne.png]
[Image: AirCityBanner.gif]
lol yeah jn..i agree, she's cute there
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
errr...van....i was agreeing with u until u added JN ><...thats soo OFF!
So you would rather him call u fugly... hmm ok.
I seen some of her MVs and live performance videos, and she looked real hot!
And I only remember one of her songs from her her MV, Just One Ten Minute, and i thought she sang pretty good. Not great but ok. Not sure about her overall singing skills though.
he already did....MANY times too...thats why i said van was off :roll: WAYNE IS A MEANIE! :crying:

+ wayne is a selflover....he only thinks...Joey, himself...AND his BF to be good looking!! Rolleyes
awww jn's jealous..there there jn

hyori's just ten minute mv was HOT but her singing live is soo crap
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
i thought the video was called 1 minute...LOL
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]

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