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Joey Yung cost two directors their jobs (28 June 2014)
Joey Yung cost two directors their jobs
Saturday June 28, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: https://my.entertain...-162600565.html

[Image: i50h1d.jpg]

A recent incident involving singer Joey Yung has allegedly cost two music show directors' their job.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the singer, who was about to rehearse her own song after concluding her rehearsal with Hacken Lee for the "2014 Jade Solid Gold Selections - First Round", was interrupted by one of the directors, who stated that Joey's stage time will be cut short as the slot has been booked by Kay Tse's assistant.

Reportedly, the slighted Joey refused to return for the award ceremony by making an excuse saying that she was not feeling well. Her record label, EEG also initially pulled two other artistes, Vincy Chan and Ken Hung from the show, and only let them perform after a discussion with TVB.

However, rumour has it that Joey's action was actually a reflection of EEG's own true feeling about TVB, as the latter supposedly has been putting a high priority on Hong Kong's "Big Four" record companies (Sony, EMI, Warner and Universal), as well as its own record label, The Voice Entertainment Group.

TVB allegedly fired two of the show's directors in order to make peace with EEG.

When asked to address the issue, EEG's CEO Ng Yu said that the two companies have reached an understanding and expressed his hopes that such incident won't happen again.

Meanwhile, TVB producer Mak Jan Dung declined to comment on the termination of the two directors, saying, "The company makes all the decisions."
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It's the nature of the beast of being in the business. I cannot say that a huge amount of blame should fall upon the directors shoulders - jeez, don't shoot the messenger; it's not like they booked the time for Kay. On the other hand, they weren't too bright either. Watch your fucking piehole when it needs to be spitting out anything even slightly concerning EEG IF you are making a living in HK showbiz and care to keep your livelihood.

I can't claim to know Joey on a personal level - but of what I factually do know of her; it's very hard to fathom that she would want someone terminated due to something of this nature. She's one of the most seasoned artists in Asia today and knows better than to take things like this overly personally. Sure, I'd be pissed too if someone talked to me like that but I wouldn't want them to lose their careers....but I wouldn't be able to speak for my contractor....
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