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Joey Yung receives a birthday kiss from Nicholas Tse
Joey Yung receives a birthday kiss from Nicholas Tse

[Image: bkn-20140613235419301-0613_00862_001_01b...693022.jpg]
[Image: 10424570_743336882400783_44650174_n_zpsdca184e1.jpg]

Translated by: Starlightcolors @

June 16 is pop queen Joey Yung's birthday. When she returned to the EEG office in Wan Chai to film additional scenes for Nicholas Tse's mainland China food program "Chef Nic", she was surprised with a secret birthday party from her boss Albert Yeung, Nicholas Tse, manager Mani Fok and colleagues. Before everyone sang happy birthday, Joey appeared to be moved to tears. Her old friend Nicholas mischievously put his arm around her neck and pulled her in for a kiss on the cheek, bringing a large smile to Joey's face.

After posing for a photo with Albert Yeung, Nicholas Tse and a group of close staff members, Joey immediately uploaded birthday photos to her personal microblog. Mani stated that Joey received 2 vacation days: "She does not have to work on June 15 and 16."

the show that she filmed with nic in Switzerland will be airing in july
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]

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