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JG's Summer plans
Everyone - do share your summer plans - it's just around the corner after all!

This evening is a Full Moon...thus my offering fruit, candles, and fragrance on my apartment's Guan Yin altar. Tomorrow, however, is the first Friday the 13th of the Season! In certain Eastern and European cultures - it's actually considered a extremely auspicious day.

Due to rather unusual circumstances, I find myself funemployed as of the moment. It would not be wise to publically disclose the details of the situation; suffice it to say... The whole situation has been stressful.

I will be off to Los Angeles for a few days the first week of next month - and otherwise just crusing around town, enjoying the weather and seeing friends. My days lately have consisted of getting up at 10 AM, going to the beach and tanning, heading to a Yoga class, then grabbing a light dinner (or heavy - depending on my mood and to what degree I'm willing to maintain my waistline) and finally heading back to my very humble abode in Vancouver's Westend to shower and slumber.

I'm wanting to head out a few places I've never been in town before, offer more of my time and volunteer services to the temple I usually go to as well as contributing to other local charitable organizations (in a non-financial way for now), spend time getting to know myself, and being a beach bum - LOVE that sun; you guys should see me now, I'm bronzer than a Aztec.

How about everyone else?
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要快樂的時候, 我們就應該快樂

Whatever is impermanent is subject to change. Whatever is subject to change is subject to suffering. - Sakyamuni Buddha

"Darling, for once there was a yesterday, once upon a time there was a us. For auld lang's syne let's not look back, For us, let's step back some..."
Unemployment is tough, I went through this a few years ago, good luck and hope things turn around!

As for myself, I don't really have much planned. I learned to ride a bike last year at the age of 27, going to just continue biking around more and exploring a few more places across Toronto and Ontario. As usual will be going to a lot of Blue Jays games.

Oh and continue trying to chase this girl that I've gone after for the past couple of months. :laugh1:
cosmic - sounds like you're making good use of your time! that's the thing with employment. when u have a full time job, u have money but less freedom. when you're jobless, u've got freedom but no incoming flow of money. sure, let's see that aztec face! LA sounds fun. i'd like to go there one day. let us know how it goes!

hb - lol any signs of interest from that girl?

as for me, i got a new job! the pay is a lot lower than anticipated Sad but i think it will be good experience, and i like my new coworkers. it's also really close to home too, so i can just walk there!

it's almost summer but it feels like spring began not too long ago. do u guys feel the same way too (like every year)?
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All this talk about employment. O_O I'm still not sure whether I'm looking forward to graduating at the end of next year. I want uni and assignments and everything to be over but I'm not looking forward to having to work five days a week. (And there's the issue of not knowing exactly what I want to do yet ...) Anyways, I hope you enjoy your freedom, cosmic, and then good luck with finding new work.

Congrats on the new job, sb. It's so good when things are close to home. I spent 13 years of my life walking to school ... and then I got to uni and now I have to travel 1.5 hours just to get there -_-

Summer isn't coming to me for another half a year Tongue but I'll probably spend that three month break getting my industrial training out of the way so that I can graduate on time. The coming month I have for winter won't be filled with anything exciting either ... probably finally taking my driving test.

Travelling would be good ... but I don't like lots of flying. I envy those of you who live in the northern hemisphere ... everything is so relatively close together. Or rather, there are a lot more exciting things happening up there. O_O NZ is the nearest thing I consider a country and ... they're not very interesting unless you like sheep or bungy jumping.

And good luck with the girl, hb. Tongue
tcsky - travel after u graduate! i don't know what i want to do yet either. the countries are all close together except north america! australia is closer to the "exciting things up there" than north america.
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Just came back from Vancouver and the Rockies Smile

But gonna start work on the 10th of July. Anyone got tips on how to survive your first day at work? TnT I don't like to be a recent grad cuz that means NO MORE FUN TIME for me Sad

But I'm also VERY thankful to have found a job right when I leave university. Smile

J O E Y Y U N G . S T A R L I G H T L E G E N D .
吳卓羲is the best of TVB
how did u like canada?/

congrats on the new job. be friendly, flexible, and be open to learning. always ask for help when you're not sure.
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