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Send a postcard to Joey for her birthday (pics posted)
A super awesome HK fan had an idea to collect postcards from fans to give to Joey on her birthday. it's inexpensive, representative of your city/country, and more personal since it will be handwritten. let me know if you're interested in participating. Smile post or PM me. i really do encourage u guys to participate because it's more interesting if there are postcards from other cities. aside from wishing her a happy bday, u can also encourage her to come to your city for a concert!

edit: when your postcard is ready to be mailed, message me for the address and write it in pencil. if u'd like, i can help u confirm that it has been received. it's best to send it early on in case it gets lost, so that u'll have time to send another one.
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Pencil could work ... or you could stick one of those blank name labels on it and write the address on ... then she could peel it off when she gets it. But you'd have to find something that's easy to peel off.
thanks for the suggestion, i'll pass that on
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
she likes the pencil idea so we'll go with that. write the address in pencil and everything else in pen.

some fans on here told me they will participate in this gift for joey but why is no one posting here? makes it look like no one wants to do this Rolleyes so far we have fans from the usual countries, unsurprisingly: canada, singapore, malaysia, australia. if u are from a country outside of the usual ones, i extra encourage u to do this!

some of u have asked me where to get postcards. try a souvenir shop and/or a post office.
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
I guess I can go to Dollarama, LOL!
i didn't see any at the location i went to. anyway tell me when ur done and ready to mail it!
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
need more ppl. come on u guys! Big Grin
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
When do you need this by? Haven't gotten a chance to go buy a postcard yet!
there's still a lot of time until joey's birthday even after accounting for delivery time so no rush to get it done just yet. i'd just like to get a count early on. for those in north america (since we're the farthest) maybe have it mailed a month ahead (beginning of may) so that i could help u confirm that the fan received it, and if it got lost u'll still have time to send another one.

it would be nice to have someone from manitoba and quebec do this...nudge nudge Wink
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]

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