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1314 Concert Discussion Thread + Rundown
^Cosmic, yes I totally agree and it would be the most desirable scheduling for the performer and the team but yeah, HKC would probably hate them for doing that :/

But I did some digging, when Joey held Starlight, she did a total of 10 shows (Part 1) and then after 2-3 months, held Part 2, which totals the overall amount of shows to 14 (already topping No.6). I just feel like, with Joey's maturing of age, and limited ability to physically carry on 10+ shows at one time is sooooooooooooo exhausting for her and her body. Maybe 1314 would've been more feasible if it was Dec 15-25, break til January 31st (four days of rest) and then finish the last 5 shows? Idk, it's too late for this discussion, but I just wanted to get it off my chest Smile

Overall I thought the concert was terrific, truly shows that Joey is one of if not, the toughest female artist out there in HK now. I do agree with some, that the set list was kind of...weaker than expected.

I thought starting with ballads was a good decision, considering opening with a pumped up dance sequence would make the audience feel like the concert lacks integrity (because the more fast songs we hear in the beginning, the less build up we get towards the end...) I liked all the wardrobe EXCEPT the bat was sooooooooo distracting and pretty sure some of the dancers got whacked by it...
I liked that the theme of the concert this year was seasons and holidays, and each section was well represented. However, I didn't find the dance at the end as powerful as the Power Medley back in 2008 (that shit was epic as hell!)

My most favorite segments were the opening (Valentines Day) and Midautumn Festival (Wallpaper, Sun roof, Fog, and the mystical ballads.)
What was your favorite segment? I'm curious to know Big Grin

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A bunch of successive shows all at once at this sort of a scale is exhausting when you're 25 - more so when you're 32 etc etc. Joey can also add being HK's most overworked performer in addition to having the most moxy, stamina, and plain ol tenacity of anyone in a comparable category at that.

I would do this next time if I were in charge of concert direction - multiple venues. 3 shows at Sha Tin theatre, 3 shows at HK cultural center, 3 shows at APA, 3 shows at Star Hall, 3 shows at HKC. All with reasonable intervals between each run. It's what they did for a musical production a couple years ago and that format was a unprecedented success thoroughly enjoyed by both artists and audience. Flexible scheduling at multiple venues for a more comfortable experience for all. The format of the show would be thoroughly stripped down though; no crazy costumes, sets or frivolities. Amazing music, innovative dancing, elegant, glamourous clothes, and sincere interaction with spectators - that's what I feel really counts and is the core of what a top notch vocalist should be delivering at performances.

I liked the opening segment with the long black gown, the dance with the bra/star top, and her playing guitar. How about yours? btw have you got facebook? you can PM it to me if you don't want to put it up here.
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] [Image: Renee6426.gif]

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Hey Cosmic, yes I do have Facebook and I'm helping run the JG Fan Page as well Smile I should just post the question there lol why didn't I think of that?? *facepalm

I agree with you, a spectacular show at various venues will be refreshing for both audience and artist, not to mention that it would show how flexible a production can be because certain theaters don't have the proper equipment for certain sets and systems (sound, lighting, size, seating arrangements, etc.) It's also great because HKC sure it's a great venue and it's THE venue to be as a top notch superstar, but if Joey also performed at various venues of the same show, it shows that superstars don't need HKC to be defined as one. Remember Perfect 10? That show was spectacular (she didn't get to dance too much, and singing 30 ballads in a row can be exhausting...but at least she'll have more reasonable breaks in between songs and then there'll be a good amount of time for intermission, whereas HKC is all about getting the audience pumped and hyped the whole 3 hours during a concert.

Britney Spears is holding her 2 year residency show in Las Vegas (and American Pop Concerts usually don't have nearly as many songs on the set list as do HK singers) and I'm interested to see how this turns out. I'm sure there are relatively a good amount of rest during the concert shows so Spears won't be too exhausted after the 2 years. Maybe that's what Joey can do too if she's really committed to a concert - hold a residency at a smaller venue for 2 years Smile Personally I would love to see Starlight for 2 years but a guy can only dream and imagine Big Grin

I really like this thread Big Grin

J O E Y Y U N G . S T A R L I G H T L E G E N D .
吳卓羲is the best of TVB
my apologies for taking so long to share my experience with u all.

i was basically living a Joey fan's dream while in HK. i got to do all the things that normally only HK fans could do: grabbing ads with Joey's face on them, buying Joey-endorsed products, seeing her in real life, waiting for her outside the HKC, holding up light boards, taking a pic with her brother :p etc.

on the first night of the concert, i went to the god praying ceremony. she normally comes out at around 6:30. according to rsung who spied on Joey outside of his hotel, some fans were waiting there since 3pm. while waiting for her to come out, it felt hot in the crowd, so i took off my jacket ...and heard a fan behind me complain about the cold LOL. i felt awkward because i felt like everyone knew that i was a tourist. i saw Joey's mom and brother, sandy, wyman, mani, fei ma, her dancers and i forget who else lol.

Dec 22
i met up with rsung and hylim at a food court before the concert. while talking about it, we watched the news on the concert which was playing on the TV, which spoiled it for me and rsung =.= afterwards, we went to buy concert merchandise and of course rsung bought them all haha. i think he said there was a discount for buying everything.

I sat in the $380 yellow section. unfortunately, the band is front of the yellow section, so Joey didnt face us as much. it was the perfect section for the birthday/summer part though (Airport and Honey). it was cool to see what the lighting and stage looked like from a distance, but probably because of the distance, the concert didn't seem as "grand" as what u see on the DVD. just my opinion. the sound system was not optimal. overall it was too loud and drowned out Joey's voice. i dont know why this issue couldn't have been fixed after the first show or even the rehearsal?

Joey was very humorous that night. in response to the fans taking pics of her, she said "this is a concert, not a photo-taking session! look at me with ur naked eyes! am i not prettier in real life?" she also told fans to send the pics to her, so someone asked what's ur number? Joey: "pm me on weibo." during the encore, a fan said "ho ng seh dak ah" and she replied "too bad. come watch again." haha! some parts of the concert were awkward (transitions between songs) because she would disappear under the stage right as the song ended, and so there would be no cheering.

after the concert, i went to wait for her and i had a pretty good spot, but Tavia walked out and the crowd moved towards her so i did too LOL. i ended up crossing the street with tavia and the huge crowd because i didnt wanna block traffic. as a result i lost my good spot Sad

celebrities seen: gillian, wyman, (and tavia who i only saw outside the hkc)

Dec 24
christmas eve was my favourite show out of the 3. it was so awesome and the atmosphere was also the highest of the 3! i learned that fan club seats changed every night, and i got the yellow section again =.= but we were pretty close to the stage. when we entered the coliseum, the fan club ppl passed out pieces of paper with bells on them to hold up after the countdown as a surprise for Joey. we got the glow sticks that could change color on joey's demand (instead of the cheap foam ones). at the beginning of the show, it wouldnt turn on for me....which i thought was weird because it was fine before, then it turned out it was being controlled. i think those glow sticks helped with the atmosphere. unfortunately the concert didnt start early enough for a countdown, which sort of ruined the fan club's plan. the fan club also handed out christmas tree lights and santa hats (we got to keep the hats). the fan in front of me (not FC) was a hardcore and held up an "i love u" sign that completely blocked my view. thankfully that happened only once. Joey said that her mom told her not to dance that much, because she would be wheelchair bound when she got older (this was mentioned in the news a few years ago), but Joey said "ok, then i'll just stand at my concert like siu fung jeh." i really do hope that this is only an exaggeration.

gill was at the concert and hugged joey again, but this time made joey scream in the middle of a song because her necklace caught on to something.

she sang a lot of songs for the encore, including Sequel! i watched a youtube vid of it and it's weird how i didn't hear the parts where she was off at the time. the dress is looks ridiculously silly lol. she pointed to one of the lips on her butt and said "kiss here" LOL. she also took off her heels for singing stronger and stronger.

celebrities seen: gill, nancy wu, corrina (so easy to spot when ur the only blonde in a sea of black hair ppl haha)

Dec 25
this time i sat in the blue section, but quite few rows back compared to the night before. at least she faced us more this time. tonight was not as high as christmas eve. there were a few technical difficulties, like the stage not going up during 山口百惠 so joey had to go up stage a different way. she couldn't hear the music at certain parts and asked us if she went off key. of course if she didnt say anything, we'd have no idea she couldn't hear the music. nevertheless it was still a great show! near the end, two DJs from Metro came to hand out awards since joey wasn't gonna attend the ceremony the next day. how nice of them to do that (cuz they didnt give awards to other absentees like charlene) even though she delayed her concert just to attend 903 but didnt do that for metro. the row of ppl in front of us were a bunch of aunties (50 y.o. and up) lol. i wonder if they got free tickets or if they bought with their own money? one of them started dancing during singing stronger and stronger! haha

i didnt see any celebrities tonight. i looked in the front row of the panel but didn't recognize anyone.

i feel that this concert was not as good as starlight and number 6. my ranking would be number 6, starlight, then 1314. however, i have no regrets as it was still an awesome concert! honey was a great choice for the rundown! it fit very well with Airport. 蟲之家 and chocolate forever were great choices too. the overall rundown, however, was on the weak side. i would've taken out Yellow Door, Wallpaper, and My Pride (remix). if they really wanted her to sing my pride i think they shouldn't have remixed it, just keep it as it is. i'm slightly disappointed that they didnt dance with the canes for On the treadmill. i hope one day she'll include memories of the hill as part of the regular rundown. since she didnt sing 山口百惠 as the last song, that probably means it's not her last concert yet... yay! but i have a feeling that her next concert might be her last one (before retiring or semi-retiring). she will most likely have kids one day (mentioned during the Mother's day part of the concert) and these next few years will be the ideal time. the news said that she wanted kids before age 36 so going by that there's less than 3 years left. (after that there was another piece of news that quoted her saying that she's ok with having kids at 40.)

in terms of viewing the concert up close, sitting with the fan club is not necessarily better than the regular $680 tickets. it depends on what EEG gives them. that said, i do recommend getting fc tickets if u want to sit with more passionate fans, and meet other international fans (eg. Wing, the singapore fc leader. she's awesome! Big Grin) they put all the overseas fans together, so i got to talk to a malaysian fan + hylim on one night, and then a singaporean fan the next.

this part isn't 1314-related.
i got quite mixed up with my languages, because ppl around me spoke different languages. on the first night with the fc, i talked to hylim in english (obviously) and the fan sitting between us in canto, and a few times i accidentallly spoke to her in english after saying sth to hylim LOL (she does know english though). the singaporean fans on my other side spoke english but i didnt really talk to them. a fan behind me was holding the canton sign but said sth to me in mandarin... on the second night the ppl on my left were mandarin, and the ppl to my right were singaporean. the girl sitting right beside me didnt speak canto so i started speaking mando to her... that didn't go so well for me due to lack of recent practice with mando so i changed it to english. i dont know why i didnt speak english right from the start. :S i guess i was stuck in cantonese mode after being in hk for more than a week. and then after the concert ended she said sth to me in mando lol. wing and i also kept changing between canto + english haha. i changed it to english whenever i didnt really know how to say it in canto. the bonus for all of hearing their awesome accents in english!

i regret not being able to meet l0v3j03y and joey172. Sad we need better planning next time! i saw lingling but didnt know it was her until i got back...sorry i didnt say hi!

Dec 26
i didnt have tickets but went to the hkc anyway to see the fans at least one more time before i left. i tried to look for l0v3j03y but she wasnt even there =.= haha. i saw Joey's brother and got a pic with him. the person who took the pic for us is joey's friend, i believe he was in the perfect 10 documentary. samuel asked me arent u cold? (i was wearing a t shirt while he, like everyone else, was wearing a jacket) and i'm like i'm from canada.

pics/comments on praying ceremony/waiting for Joey after the concert:
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
thanks for sharing sb Big Grin yeah I heard of the loud audio system...really's like her 7th HKC concert and you'd assume the team members would know how to set up the best sound systems by now...

J O E Y Y U N G . S T A R L I G H T L E G E N D .
吳卓羲is the best of TVB
updated post 14 and added some stuff for dec 22

updated (added comments to the bottom of first post)

i'd like to hear comments from other ppl too, even if u didnt go! what did u all think of the concert?
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Thanks for sharing in so much detail, sb Tongue

I read about the sound system as well and I agree that it's kinda weird that they had issues since she's done this so many times. And the faulty stage parts. Would it have anything to do with the fact that her concert was so soon after Hacken's?

I enjoyed staying up (almost) every night she had a concert to see what was happening through weibo and waiting for people to put videos on youtube. Big Grin That was tiring but fun. I can't really compare it with Starlight and N6 because I didn't really "experience" those two and the DVD version of 1314 isn't out yet. I can't say I was disappointed by the rundown (because I didn't know what to expect) but I feel like I enjoyed watching videos of the encore every night more than the main show itself (probably because they were songs I liked more and because you lose too much detail through fancam).

Your experience with mixing up languages is funny Tongue but something I often find myself doing.
the rundown of the last show wasnt updated in the google doc so here it is from


1. 小日子
2. 這分鐘更愛你
3. 抱抱
4. 習慣失戀
5. 心淡 (降KEY+大合唱Wink

6. 蟲之家
7. 朱古力萬歲
8. 心花怒放
9. 我的驕傲 (重新編曲Wink

10. 山口百惠
11. 小天使 (降KEY)
12. 世上只有

13. 空港
14. Honey! (重新編曲Wink
15. 未知 (重新編曲Wink

16. 牆紙
17. 搜神記 (降KEY)
18. 天窗 (降KEY)
19. 華麗邂逅

20. 另眼相看
21. 神魂顛倒
22. 桃色冒險

Lovin U Intro (播片Wink
23. 黃色大門
24. 喜喜
25. 跑步機上
26. 隆重登場
27. 加大力度

[Encore] - 轉綠色裙
28. 怯
29. 16號愛人
30. 舊日回憶的山丘
31. 最好時光
32. 連續劇
33. 爭氣
34. 分身術
35. 痛愛

[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
it was a great concert

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