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Joey's 1314 concert dates Dec 21-28, 31, Jan 1-6 (15 shows!!!)
^ Interesting... I am getting excited for her concert and I hope the themes won't be executed too cheese-illy haha.
i am going also, anyone else? any JG living in hk?
Hope you enjoy the shows!
I've only pictures to judge from but the first night seems to have got off to a decent start!

The evening kicked off with Joey ascending on stage in black Chanel satin & fur crooning Little Days - she fudged on the lyrics and went off key a handful of times then got a little frazzled (who wouldn't?) but quickly regained her composure, kicked her heels up, and continued on in her usual stride of gracious yet cold, hard, unbreakable stamina.

Looked like a fun night - here's to a great 14 more!
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要快樂的時候, 我們就應該快樂

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