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Joey's 1314 concert dates Dec 21-28, 31, Jan 1-6 (15 shows!!!)
wow didnt expect the initial dates to be released so early! so far the dates are dec 23-28.
[Image: 4db91d92jw1e76hvgcyg3j20h00h0goa.jpg]

[Image: 65423269jw1e76g38m31ij20fa08zdg5.jpg]
[Image: 65423269jw1e76g3enuzlj20fa09r0t9.jpg]
[Image: 65423269jw1e76g3enuzlj20fa09r0t9.jpg]
[Image: 65423269jw1e76g3f8r04j20fa080t9b.jpg]
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Let the concert craziness begin! Will anyone from JG planning to go?
Joey's look reminds me of Rihanna's "Loud" CD cover haha.
No doubt some brilliant rip off HK stylist's idea...

I thought there was supposed to be a date for the countdown show? A Dec 31st Midnight slot would have been spectacular...hey, who knows?...
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it's a cross year concert so there will definitely be a show on dec 31

hmm coincidence?
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[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
omg i am so going!
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
I'm go to concert
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Mei_Mei Wrote:I'm go to concert

l0v3j03y Wrote:omg i am so going!
yay! how long will u be there for? gonna join the fan club?
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
I'm going! Is the ticket released?
^ in the first post it says u can order from aug 26-30 but i think u have to have their credit card. otherwise tickets are not open to the public yet except for the fan club tickets. if u intend on getting fan club tickets, join and contact them NOW!!!! and i mean RIGHT NOW! the ticket bookings have already started and close very early. u may not even be able to get tix for the shows that have been released so far anymore.
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added dec 21 and 22
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