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Parker on Youtube.
Yes. My child is a ham. She just turned 5 January 4th of this year (and I'm 28 now, OMG).

She loves to sing, and she used to love when I recorded her singing. Now I have to bribe her. Kids. I swear. She was between Late 2 to -maybe- Early 4 years of age when these were recorded

ANYWHO. SO. Without further ado, Miss Parker RoseMarie!
[SIZE="1"]I warn you, she can blow your eardrums. Like in the end of this first video. She's obnoxious & gets really into stuff...... heh.[/SIZE]

Let It Grow (Choir/Movie Version) - The Lorax

Skyscraper - Demi Lovato
[SIZE="1"]During the bridge, you'll need to turn it up so you can here her whisper along with Demi, but then you'll have to turn it down quickly.. She'll make you deaf otherwise.[/SIZE]

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
[SIZE="1"]My personal favorite.[/SIZE]

I have lots more, but I won't harrass you guys with them all lmao.. Enjoy!

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