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Announcement // RIP JoeyGalaxy - 1 March 2013
Wow. This is so sad to hear but I guess it is the right time to say goodbye. I really thank you all who have allowed me to keep up to date with Joey's news, because if it wasn't for here, I wouldn't know what is going on with her (and I'd struggle with reading all those Chinese articles!). I still remember first discovering her music and stumbling upon this forum...I felt like I hit a goldmine!!! It was a pleasure to have shared our <3 for Joey and even though we won't be actively here anymore, at least we all know our support for Joey is ongoing! Cheers to you all, and a special thanks to all the admins. Smile
Haven't been here for a long time Sad and so sad to know that JG will be closing down. I remember this was where I first met all the Joey fans when I first started liking her music. Thanks so much Newbs!! and everyone else who I have met through JG!!
[Image: JoeyStarLightconcertSiggyWithDateUs.jpg]
hi jeff!! i'm pretty sure JG won't exactly be closing down yet, most likely a format change
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
spoiledbrat Wrote:hi jeff!! i'm pretty sure JG won't exactly be closing down yet, most likely a format change

Hey!! Ohh thats good to hear!! I do hope that we could keep JG going!! too many memories here!
[Image: JoeyStarLightconcertSiggyWithDateUs.jpg]
Last I heard, the domain name is expiring next month. Could we renew this domain name? If the previous admin/owner does not want to hold on to it and is set to let it expire (:eekSmile, please don't, let the JG community keep it. Thanks. Let me know if I can be of help. I can take care of it if everyone is ok with it.
If you can take care of it, that's great, I had offered to administer it too if needed.

newbie still watching over us? Wink
newbs told me she already renewed it for june and is waiting to transfer the domain name to someone. thanks parrot for extending the life of JG this whole time.. we'll see what happens next
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Hmm.. I'll msg newbie then, I don't mind paying for it as I have a lot of domains myself. Just another few bucks.
just wondering if the domain ownership has been resolved? Really don't want to see the name disappear
I've asked newbie about it, I think she was gonna talk to spoiledbrat. Thanks for always checking! I have the same sentiments.

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