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How many of the recent releases are you going to purchase?
i think i'll only buy the Diva DVD...
concert YY doesn't have karaoke function
metro radio DVD has karaoke but there's only a few joey songs...
this by tfj|inspired
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i'd most likely be getting moment v2 if at all, even though i bought v1 already
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
The audio on my Moov Live DVD goes up and down in volume. Sad
^ =( i am so tempted to get moment v2 cos of the MOOV live dvd
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
^ It is still worth getting though! It's a nice release especially with all the MVs and mini movie too. Smile
^ i think i will buy it if i see it haha =D but i dont think i am going to hk anytime soon
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]

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