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2013 HK concert
someone posted on JF that it's going to be around october, but did not post the source. hoping that it's not true! i will have a chance only if it's before september or during christmas holidays. but i have a feeling it's going to be year-end, yet again. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????!!!! :crying::bawling::curse::censored: north american fans in school will never be able to go. Joey and EEG just hates us.
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cool. depending on where i am, that's a possibility. won't be the sole reason for me to be there but if i'm in the vicinity. i dunno though, she needs to come out with a killer album before then.
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i was listening to the radio over the summer and the Djs mentioned that many HK divas and top singers usually do the FIRST concert ever of the year in HKC. Sammi, Eason, Andy Lau, etc have held concerts ON New Year's Eve. They said this year, it might be *fingerscrossed* if Joey was to do the opening of this year, then North Am fans can definitely go since its during winter break! Big Grin
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i'd love for that to happen, but that's awards season and i don't think EEG wants Joey to miss out.
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and i dont think that Joey has enough time to prepare if it is at the start of the year. i hope that it will be during my hols though! i want to watch it!
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i wish it is in early spring so we can get the karaoke dvd by summer time
this by tfj|inspired
Joey said dec 2013 or jan 2014. Now applying for hkc
wah more than 3 years. omg please let it be during my holidays
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oh well at least i have hols during dec and jan.. but it seems quite a long time later
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dlwx Wrote:Joey said dec 2013 or jan 2014. Now applying for hkc
did she say that in malaysia?
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