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In first class with Joey - my friend's experience
Cosmic_tears Wrote:.......
Yah - she's really kewl. FS (y'all know whom I mean) is snotty as f*ck .......

Fiona Sit??? :~/
Cosmic_tears Wrote:You guys - find your voices and guts and speak up! She's totally cool.

Ok let's make this interesting...

"Her singing isn't great, as a person I don't really like or hate her. I don't like these moody sort of people."

Who was Joey talking about? (it's a Chinese celebrity and a female (could be HK/TW/Mainland)

(what? she sings as well, u didn't say it had to be a "PRO" SINGER .....)
spoiledbrat Wrote:....there is no way i could hold a 1 hr 20min convo with Joey in english......

HALT!!!! joey english no good, she no undaastand gweilo........ :p

(jk jk i know ur not a gweilo)

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