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Diva Discussion Thread (NO spoilers)
oh shoot LOL. i blame it on the stupid chinese way of numbering
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For some perspective, here are the box office results so far in Hong Kong (in what I think is American dollars):

And here's the list for 2011 to get a better idea of how well it'll do relative to other films by the end of the year:

Hollywood movies tend to do better in HK than domestic movies. So taking all that into consideration, I would say that Diva is doing alright, and not nearly as bad as the media *ahem apple daily *ahem* is making it seem.
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^Yeah, I looked up some figures to get some perspective. The flop comment is in relation to the hype-results too. Average box office numbers in conjunction with overdrive promotion is a bit concerning, but that has always been EEG's style. Especially with Chapman's pre-release comments that the movie will showcase Joey's acting potential blah blah blah.

Has anyone else watched the movie?
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if Diva will not be showing at ur local theatre, u can PM me for a dl link. u'll have to dl the baidu player and the movie is in mandarin (Joey dubbed) with chinese subtitles.
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So is this movie worth watching? Haha :p JG fans aren't very fond of Joey's acting so it seems.. haha since no one else has replied to this thread yet.
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finally watched it with a friend today (with free tickets)
with Chapman in it, it's definitely worth watching (hey) but yes, i think Joey's acting has improved, although I think mostly because the character was tailored somewhat to her real self
i totally think the movie was too short, everything seemed to be pieced together and the ending wasn't satisfying to me
there was too much Mag in it
Chapman and Fiona scene was hilarious (there was like 20 people in the house and all laughed lol) (i know, not a lot of people, probably because it's about the end of it's time in the theaters since not many is still showing it)
i wish i can erase Wilfred's appearance
KALAFINA!! FictionJunction!! Keiko!!
Keiko wanted to jump me at the autographing! 10.03.07 Kalafina remembers me!! 10.08.06
Chihara Minori wished me a Happy Birthday!!! 10.10.08 Minorin's concert was so short!! 10.10.09
STEREOPONY AIMI SOOOOO CUTE~~ 11.04.24 Keiko said "daisuki~!" to me 12.07.01
Mizuki Nana looked straight at me and waved! 2012.09.08
Hikaru asked if I went to Kaji Fes. and was surprised to find out I did~ 2013.05.18

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