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RIP Mui Mui, Joey's cat
goodbye, my most loved mui mui pig. you are not my pet, you are my family. 12 years, you were with me through all my changes. looking at you gives me too many memories. i will always love u miss u. i hope that the UFO that hins cheung saw is not here to bring u away. we will meet in our next life. (there are 7 cats in the pic, besides daddy siu bing, mui mui gave birth to the other 5 cats, impressive.)

再見了,我最愛的妹妹豬。你不是我的寵物,你是我的家人,12年,你陪我一起經歷了我所有的變化,看著妳,有太多太多回憶,I will always love u miss u[Image: hearta_org.gif]。希望張敬軒見到的UFO不是用來把妳接走,我們下世還要見面的。(照片中總共七隻貓,除了爸爸小丙,其餘五隻都是妹妹生出來的,很厲害吧。)

[Image: 4db91d92jw1dvwvipvhlej.jpg]

[Image: 6bfbf2ccjw1dvwv7pb34yj.jpg]
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
awww that's so sad. Sad
Sad RIP mui mui!
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
Sad Poor Joey. Hopefully she and her family can get over this. Losing a family member is like that awful.
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
That's why I don't have pets... they have such short lives >.< RIP mui mui
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RIP mui mui pig! Sad
this by tfj|inspired
aww bai bai mui mui =3
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