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Full version joey's newest song! heart sickness
if you have dled the cd or you have ordered the cd... i'm sure you've wondered why there's a song that's only 50 seconds. Well, there is a full version of it coming out in the 2nd version of the cd. Recently, it was played on one of the radios in HK. I recorded it up to post it here if you dont have it yet.

Heart sickness
this song is soo good!! thanx phil

but man that dj...talked during the song ><
haha jn
oh man..when i listened to the song..i was thinking....this song is goood and then it stopped! how gayyy

thanks phil!
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van Wrote:haha jn
oh man..when i listened to the song..i was thinking....this song is goood and then it stopped! how gayyy
i know... but the full version is GOOD man! Big Grin
second version? YAY! does that mean more mvs??? haha
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lol thx phil
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hmmm...that got me thinking...if the full version is in the 2nd version...should i wait for the 2nd version instead???...but the 1st version's cover is so purdy

if the 2nd version's cover is the same or even more purdy...then i might get that one instead...LOL
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lol ya i was thinking that too.. i dunno wat to do.. and plus the 2nd version won't come out til months later, i don't want to wait that long
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Man, to be Honest, I hate when they do that. They go and release the cd, then few months later they go an release a 2nd version. I'm telling you its just all a scheme to pull money in. I just wish they would just put it all on the first release.
I already bought the 1st version, and I don't want to buy the 2nd ver. just because it has a new MV or track on it, when you practically have 99% of the contents of the 2nd ver. already lol

oh well. Its good and bad in a way. Joey makes more money like that, but we lose more money like that, and its just pisses me off.

About the song, it is a good song. When I first heard it on the cd, I was like wtf, why put this track on if it is not the full version. Pretty stupid lol.
THXS PHIL!!! and about second version thing... i think its ok cuz joey gets more does get a lil annoying at time, maybe next time joey shoyuld do wut miriam did with m vs m, make 2 halves to a cd, which will mean that there will be more newer songs too!
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