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Joey gone from Spotify?
hey all, a few week ago joey's entire discography was available on spotify but now its all gone. raymond lam and most of kay tse's discography is gone from there too. Anyone know what happened?
also does anyone know where i can stream an extensive cpop library like i could from spotify?
i dont really know what that is but i googled it and it looks like they shut down their p2p network!E8GSl
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That isnt the case because her entire discography was supplied directly from EEG and not users.
BTW spotify is a music streaming service much like pandora but you can listen to the albums you want or a radio of similar music. all of alfred hui's albums are still online.
that's odd. is there anyone else from EEG who's music isn't there anymore?

my only suggestion is to use youtube?
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Leo Ku had lost a few albums.
i heard all the EEG singers are gone from spotify. all that's left for joey is 第一次我想醉 (first time i want to get drunk)
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