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[req] Joey Yung - 低等動物 - buti4 - 07-10-2010

Does anyone have the .mp3 version of this song sang by Joey at the Joey X Eason 903 id Club concert? Its a Eason Chan cover. Too bad the DVD/CD is not out! Don't know if they will ever produced one.


[req] Joey Yung - 低等動物 - Raybie - 07-10-2010

Hmm if the CD & DVD was never released, then I doubt anyone has a good quality mp3 of this? Maybe the best you can hope for is an audio rip from a recorded video like the one you posted.

[req] Joey Yung - 低等動物 - StarLightRaii - 07-10-2010

wow joey made me like this song...i didnt like eason's way of singing has a fresh taste when a diva sings it...

and lmao at the pang pang sounds at the end from the fans Big Grin

[req] Joey Yung - 低等動物 - newbie123 - 07-10-2010

Don't have the mp3, but the quality is good enough to be ripped out as mp3 haha.

[req] Joey Yung - 低等動物 - StarLightRaii - 07-11-2010

this song has a Mad About You feel but a softer tone

[req] Joey Yung - 低等動物 - buti4 - 07-12-2010

thanks guys for replying. and thanks newbie123 for the link. it is a better version =D
i never heard this song before until joey sang it lol

[req] Joey Yung - 低等動物 - l0v3j03y - 07-12-2010

^ me too! only came to know about this song after Joey sang it =D Joey's voice just rocks