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  Joey Yung Has to Observe Chapman To Before Forgiving Him (31 Mar 2014)
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 04-07-2014, 07:12 AM - Forum: News - Replies (1)


Joey Yung Has to Observe Chapman To Before Forgiving Him
Monday March 31, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: On.cc
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

[Image: 2n16ykw.jpg] [Image: 2hhdw02.jpg] [Image: 5p4ffs.jpg]

A few days ago, Chapman To's "sorry you didn't become Film Queen" speech at Ronald Ng's concert offended Joey Yung. She scolded him on social media and said Chapman is "the only person in the entertainment circle she dislikes."

Yesterday after the concert, Joey Yung accepted an interview and responded to her scolding Chapman To. "Nothing, I'm fine after I finished what I wanted to say. (Did Chapman call to apologize?) No! (Do you accept his apology?) I have to observe him a little first because I wasn't the only victim. I can say I'm not an impulsive person, I hope to have another friend and one less enemy. Whether I'm impulsive or not, it is true this person needs to learn a lesson because it really wasn't an one day issue. (Did he offend you or your friends before?) Many! (Anthony Wong was right about him?) I support Anthony. (Chapman is the only one you dislike?) Well then, you know how serious this is. (Avoid collaborating with him in the future?) I won't, but if its acting, then no."

Hacken Supports the Victim

Hacken Lee was one of the guest performers on the second night of Ronald Ng's concert. When he got on stage, he supported his good friend Joey, "Tonight I'm not going to speak nonsense. I heard someone spoke nonsense last night that offended an innocent person." Then Hacken introduced the 'victim' Joey out on stage: "Let me invite the victim out!" Hacken and Joey performed Demand Immediate Action (刻不容緩Wink, in between Hacken patted Joey expressing his support.

Miriam No Fear of Chapman Offending Her

Miriam Yeung responded to the incident as well. She expressed she collaborated with Chapman before: "Ah Chak's (Chapman) speaking style is very bold, but he never offended me before. Perhaps he knows my month doesn't lose out too and I look fierce. (Will you tell him to change?) If he vents to me, then I'll have a talk with him."

Anthony Wong: He Has to Change

Earlier Anthony Wong criticized Chapman To for having no friends. He also accepted an interview last night, he said: "It looks like offending people is his (Chapman) interest and entertainment. All he needs is a good environment and smooth sailing career, then he'll go at it! He said so many people like him, then keep it up! The last thing I said to him was if he doesn't change, then he'll cause more troubles. However, even if he does change it will take at least 10 years. These things, he cause trouble upon himself. Gotta reflect on it!"


[Image: 285C246C989C3D164235EDB4C868C.jpg]
Hong Kong actor Chapman To recently attracted the ire of Cantopop queen Joey Yung after shooting his mouth off at singer Ronald Ng's concert last Saturday.
During the concert, Chapman revealed that the reason he requested for Emperor Group CEO Yang Shou Cheng to produce movie Diva was to aid Joey in clinching the Best Actress award, but he ended up being crowned Best Actor instead. Joey was severely offended by the joke and the usually amicable singer openly referred to Chapman as the only person she hated in the industry.
Realising that he had incurred the wrath of the singer, Chapman apologized to Joey twice in the span of a day.
When asked if she had seen Chapman's apology, Joey admitted that she had, but was ambiguous about whether she accepted it. She said, “I'll look at his performance and observe him for a while, because I was not the only victim. I'm not a very rash person, and I always hope to make a friend rather than an enemy. A hedge between keeps friendship green, I'll observe and give it some time.”
She hinted that Chapman has hurt her time and again with his indiscretion, but refused to reveal any details, only saying that friends should not be hurting each other this way.
At the same time, Joey acquiesced with actor Anthony Wong's claims that Chapman would eventually end up with no family or friends: “I support Anthony, but after today, I don't want to say any more or create more issues. I simply want to teach him (Chapman) a lesson. Actually, scolding people and being angry is really bad for your body.”
Joey also claimed that she would not avoid Chapman if they ran into each other: “I won't let this affect my work.”
So will she be open to working with Chapman again? The singer said frankly, “That would depend on what kind of job you're talking about, it won't be good if we have to film a movie together!”

[Image: 5A7D1E67CD5482F14D5F8E65BC9F73.jpg]
Related Articles:
Joey Yung berates Chapman To for inappropriate joke
Chapman To under fire by Chinese netizens


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  Joey Yung Scolds Chapman To: "The Only Person I Dislike" (30 Mar 2014)
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 04-07-2014, 07:09 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Joey Yung Scolds Chapman To: "The Only Person I Dislike"; Chapman Apologizes Hoping to Patch Friendship
Sunday March 30, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

[Image: zx48yd.jpg] [Image: 2mer244.jpg] [Image: j9x92c.jpg]

A few nights ago, Joey Yung participated in music producer "Ronald Ng's Imagination Concert 56X LIVE 2014" held at HK Coliseum, where she performed 3 gold songs all in one go. When it was Chapman To's chance to perform on stage, before he began singing Joey's Avoiding You (逃避你Wink, he made his 'Film King speech': "Two years ago I asked her (Joey) boss Albert Yeung to invest in the film DIVA. I said the film will make Joey the next Film Queen, but in the end she didn't get the award. Instead, I got the Film King title. She just said to me backstage that I made a fool out of her, so I dedicate this song to Joey. I hope she'll never encounter another bad person like me again."

Joey doesn't throw a fit often, but yesterday afternoon she suddenly posted an angry message directing at Chapman To on several of her social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Weibo), she wrote: "Democratic Hero Chapman To, I personally have always done my part. Whenever I get an opportunity, I strive to grasp it. My participate in the film DIVA was never because I wanted to get the Film Queen award. You're an adult, when will you learn to stop causing trouble and not step down on others to lift yourself up?"

Joey then continued thanking Chapman for inviting her to participate in the film: "You helped me, I am grateful, but it is not the first time your self-reliant eloquence has hurt others for fun. I really can't stand this. No matter how much you know how to package your image, you are the only person in the entertainment circle that I dislike. This is how the leopard can't change its spots (People can't change their nature). Even Buddha is on fire too."

Chapman To knew he was wrong. He apologized to Joey on Facebook twice. "I personally want to make a sincere apology to Ms. Joey Yung." He stressed in his life, this is the first time he felt regret for what he said. It was all because he cherished his friendship with Joey. "I'm not asking for your forgiveness, I just hope you're well! I'm sorry!" Two hours later, Chapman made another apology: "After this incident, I will really reflect on myself." Last night at 7pm, Joey attended the second night of Ronald Ng's concert, she didn't stop for interviews and just waved at reporters as she walked. Last night, Chapman was absent from his performance.

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  Joey admits not being close with grandfather (19 Mar 2014) + her response to report
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-26-2014, 06:01 AM - Forum: News - Replies (1)

*the title doesn't match with the article as it doesn't mention Joey saying anything at all


It was reported that Joey financially supports boyfriend Wilfred and gave him money to open his restaurant, but yet neglected her 70 some year old paternal grandfather. The two have not been in contact for years, and he still has to work at a video game centre after retiring. At the beginning of this year, Joey put down a thousand dollars and quickly left, causing her step-grandmother to be angry, and complained about it to the neighbors at a restaurant, accusing Joey of not living up to her diva status.

Joey's manager, Mani, accepted a phone interview yesterday, and clarified: "Before Joey was born, her paternal grandfather had already divorced, so their relationship is not close. Joey grew up with her mother, she loves her family very much and will defend them. The content (of the report) is not true so I will not respond. The report is an invasion of privacy, our company will reserve the right for legal action."

[Image: 20ec2p21a.jpg]

Joey's response to this: "I just want to say..."
[Image: 4db91d92jw1eemnnhrowvj20hs0hs0u1.jpg]

first translation in forever...

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  It's a good thing that Katy Perry's CD came out months AFTER Joey's...
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-23-2014, 08:12 AM - Forum: Joey Chat - Replies (4)

cuz no one would say that katy perry copied joey, but had it been the other way around, we all know what's gonna happen[Image: 744e9ff7gw1ee1uiy2ebqj20m80xc0z5.jpg]

[Image: l_p0027709349.jpg]

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  (old pic) Joey and Eason dubbing for Cantonese version of Titanic 2002
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-19-2014, 09:49 AM - Forum: Photo Gallery - Replies (1)

[Image: 102524vu4a141l4jki4n4u.jpg.thumb.jpg]

just decided to post an old pic. Smile i don't think too many fans know she did the dubbing for the titanic

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  Joey broke a record, learned upside down yoga pose in a week
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-19-2014, 09:44 AM - Forum: Photo Gallery - Replies (4)

the yoga trainer said one week is the fastest (of her students, i assume) that anyone's learned to do it

[Image: 1966682_621568177908877_757054652_n.jpg]

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  Send a postcard to Joey for her birthday (pics posted)
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-18-2014, 07:51 AM - Forum: Joey Chat - Replies (23)

A super awesome HK fan had an idea to collect postcards from fans to give to Joey on her birthday. it's inexpensive, representative of your city/country, and more personal since it will be handwritten. let me know if you're interested in participating. Smile post or PM me. i really do encourage u guys to participate because it's more interesting if there are postcards from other cities. aside from wishing her a happy bday, u can also encourage her to come to your city for a concert!

edit: when your postcard is ready to be mailed, message me for the address and write it in pencil. if u'd like, i can help u confirm that it has been received. it's best to send it early on in case it gets lost, so that u'll have time to send another one.

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  Joey Yung to rest from singing for three months (4 Mar 2014)
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-10-2014, 08:22 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Joey Yung to rest from singing for three months
Tuesday March 4, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-063900784.html

[Image: 2zexlz4.jpg]

Hong Kong diva Joey Yung, who was reported to have suffered from vocal problems, has been advised by doctors to stop singing for three months in order to make sure that her condition would not deteriorate.

Previously, the singer continued to perform her 15-show 1314 Joey Yung Concert despite her vocal condition caused by her flu and throat infection, and even went on to get acupuncture to continue her show.

However, Mingpao reported that the singer, who recently attended the 12th IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Awards, admitted that she will not be able to sing for the time being until her vocal cord rupture is healed.

"The doctor said I have to rest as long as three months or undergo surgery. But I don't want to do surgery, so I am taking medicine every day now," said Joey.

It was also rumoured that due to her condition, Joey had to turn down several commercial offers from mainland that cost her millions of Yuan. She also had to forgo her appearance at good friend Ronald Ng's concert held later in March.

However, the singer hopes to be fully recovered by June, before launching her concert tour.

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  Joey's drawing to be auctioned off (sold for $21500!)
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-10-2014, 06:17 AM - Forum: Joey Chat - Replies (2)

it's to raise funds for psychosis.


[Image: 1958302_469324949862940_1371446731_n.jpg]
[Image: 1981995_469324959862939_1920159382_n.jpg]
[Image: 1779321_469712113157557_1128168511_n.jpg]

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  Preview of JG Blog
Posted by: spoiledbrat - 03-06-2014, 08:26 AM - Forum: Ask JG - Replies (2)

hb got started on making the JG blog. this isn't the final result yet. he's working on trying to make it a fb style kinda thing and have it show Joey's latest weibo/fb/instagram updates.

content-wise, it would look sth like this http://joeygalaxy.wordpress.com/ and http://easonchan101.blogspot.ca/ (a very well-done eason blog)


feedback is welcome!

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