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Full Version: Songs that Joey did NOT sing better than the original
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when joey covers other singers' songs, it's no surprise that she usually sings better than the original. creating a thread that listed them all would result in a never-ending list. a more interesting topic would be songs where she didn't perform better than the original singer.

off the top of my head, cass' 讓我跟你走


hocc's rolls royce

leehom's forever love

I think in the Jeff crossover concert, she didn't sing some of the songs as well as the original singer. Don't ask me the title, couldn't tell you.

I agree with Leehom's forever love.

But with RR, I don't know. I used to think "definitely a song no one could do justice/better than Hocc" but the Joey version grows on me. I enjoyed her interpretation of it and when I listen to Hocc's version again, I prefer Joey's higher voice.

Trying to think of what other songs....oh and any Eason songs.
I also prefer the original mad about you.
To be honest though ppl were overly critical in the comments section for 讓我跟你走. She was a bit pitchy, but to be fair the song is definitely not an easy one to sing. Compared to Cass it wasn't as good, but it wasn't that bad. Plus, Joey and Cass have similar voices (clear, high, with potential to be both sweet or powerful). I really wanna hear Joey sing it again, I'm pretty confident that if she were to sing it again now it would be much better/pretty awesome.
Yeah the cass song is hard to sing and Joey took a decent stab at it, but it wasn't great. I think she'd be better now too. Her voice and technique has improved over the years!
i have to disagree to SB for Cass's song. but i do agree with Leehom's...
she didnt do a bad job on the song..its just the first verse that kinda was pitchy but then the second verse and on was above standards.. Smile

i agree with hocc's rolls and royce but thats also cuz of over-exhaustion :/
i didn't say it was bad, just not as good Smile