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Full Version: Mag Lam & Janice Yan singing In Search of the Deities
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in search of the deities

janice yan got famous from a singing competition in taiwan
Wowww who is this Janice! She sounds greattttttttt....

Mag doesn't suit the song. She does have Joey's breathing problem (which is sooo much better these days) haha
Wow!!! Jaw dropping performance by this Janice girl. She is awesome!!! The fact tht she speaks canto and mando so well is quite incredible! Like her Chinese name too!
wow she is so talented (both girls) Smile
to jkmd and van: the JSG or 2nd performance, or both?
She's pretttyyy gooood. Her voice reminds me of the 90s
spoiledbrat Wrote:to jkmd and van: the JSG or 2nd performance, or both?

Both actually Smile
Impressed with Janice, Mag still disappointing. Sorry to say, but not a fan of hers, still have lots of room for improvement.
i think janice might have gotten another fan Wink shes pretty :] and her voice is ... iunoe how to describe it.. soft? lol
Gotta say....that Janice Yan is pretty good, especially when she sang in that competition.
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