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Full Version: So who wants to join EEG?
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[Image: 9ce09a65jw1dqoquhuqlwj.jpg]

basically u apply through weibo with your age, gender, location, occupation, pics of yourself. u need to have a china ID (=citizen of china?)

detailed instructions here (if you are interested :p):

on the same page is a video clip of EEG artists

you can even see pics of people who applied!
[Image: 90e9cf29jw1dqlgjixv5xj.jpg]

i have an urge to submit a funny application:laugh1:
age: 90
occupation: basket weaving
that guy looks a little like bosco
^ lol!!

What a nuisance.
can i join EEG as joey's security guard ? XD
l0v3j03y Wrote:that guy looks a little like bosco

i thought so too lols

i want to apply hahahahaha~~~
He isn't? >.< I pity Bosco then.... destroyed image.

Anyone interested in being Joey's 出氣袋? Lol jkjk
i can take it ! Ill take that job ! im used to that job already Big Grin
joey already has san san as her body guard...

and where is raymond is that poster?