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Full Version: Metro Radio Hit Music Awards Presentation 2011 Winners List
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Metro Radio Hit Music Awards Presentation 2011 (Winners List)

Metro's music awards was held on December 28th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). A total of 138 awards were given out.

Metro's Top Hit Songs (not in any order)

1. Denise Ho - 癡情司 (Infatuation Department)
2. Ivana wong - 末日 (Dooms Day)
3. Richie Ren - 傾城之淚 (Tears from Everywhere)
4. Khole Chu - 投影 (Projection)
5. Endy Chow - 陽光燦爛的日子(Bright Sunny Day)
6. Ella Koon - 由他去 (He'll Go)
7. Mr. - 零時起哄 (Midnight Fever)
8. Kelvin Kwan - 別再躲 (No Longer Hiding)
9. Hins Cheung - P.S. I Love You
10. Hins Cheung - 壯舉 (Feat)
11. Joey Yung - 花千樹 (Flower Thousand Trees)
12. Twins - 3650
13. Charlene Choi - 年年 (Years)
14. Ken Hung - 藍色星球 (Blue Planet)
15. Vincy Chan - 有誰來愛我 (Who Will Come Love Me)
16. Edmond Leung - 一再問究竟 (Ask of Results Again)
17. Chilam Cheung - 戀上外星人 (Fall In Love With Alien)
18. Jade Kwan - 仍然 (Still)
19. Jason Chan - 尊嚴 (Dignity)
20. FAMA - 全民合拍 (Entire Population Cooperates)
21. Fiona Sit - 除下吊帶前 (Before Taking Off Straps)

Metro Radio Hits' Play Index Song Award: Kary Ng - 我本人 (Me)
Metro Radio Hits' Play Index Singer Award: Eason Chan
Metro Radio Hits' Song of the Year Award: Eason Chan - 苦瓜 (Bitter Melon)

New Stage Awards
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Female): Karene Mak / Abella Leung / Sammi Yip
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Male): Ricksen Tam / Wallis Cho / Alan Leung
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Group): MVG
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Band): WING'S
Metro Radio Hits' New Stage Award (Overseas): Juju Chan

Newcomer Awards
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Female): Mag Lam / Joyce Cheng
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Male): Alfred Hui
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Overseas): Gin Lee
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Singer-Songwriter, Female): Ngok Mei
Metro Radio Hits' Newcomer Award (Singer-Songwriter, Male): Terry Zou

Metro Radio Hits' Song Adaptation Award: RubberBand - 陪著你走 (Accompanying As You Go)

Metro Radio Hits' Karaoke Songs:
* William So - 那誰 (Then Who)
* C AllStar - 2013的約定 (Meeting of 2013)
* Joey Yung - 牆紙 (Wallpaper)
* Raymond Lam - 讓我愛你一小時 (Let Me Love You 1 Hour)
* Philip Wei - 愛與痛的邊緣 (Borderline of Love and Pain)

Metro Radio Hits' Duets:
* William So/Andy Hui - 愛.不再 (Love . No More)
* Jason Chung/Karene Mak - 勾手指尾 (Hook Shot Pinky)
* Jason Chan/Phil Lam - 無限 (Unlimited)

Metro Radio Hits' Dance Songs:
* William Chan - Baby Don't Cry
* Stephanie Cheng - Kiss Kiss Kiss
* Vangie Tang - Boom Boom
* Ava Yu - 大華麗家 (Big Gorgeous Family)
* Yuri Chan - 波斯貓 (Persian Cat)
* Cherie Q - Hea

Metro Radio Hits' Leaping Forward Singers:
* Renee Lee
* Khloe CHu
* Hiromi Wada
* Takki Wong
* Miya
* Denis Ng
* Chita
* Jinny Ng

Metro Radio Hits' Dance Singers:
* William Chan
* Sherman Chung
* Tak Dik

Metro Radio Hits' Dance-Singer Group
* HotCha

Metro Radio Hits' Original Songs:
* Pear - 從未忘記 (Never Forgot)
* Hacken Lee - 孔明燈 (Zhuge Liang's Light)
* Purple Lee - 星光下的思念 (Longing For Under Starlight)
* Joyce Cheng - 半份關心 (Half Happy)
* Alfred Hui - 螞蟻 (Ant)
* Pakho Chau - Smiley Face

Metro Radio Hits' Singer-Songwriters:
* Pong Nan
* Eric Suen
* Wong Cho Lam
* Enrico Kwong
* Louis Cheung
* Pakho Chau

Metro Radio Hits' Swing Singer: Endy Chow
Metro Radio Hits' Hall Swing Singer: Paul Wong
Metro Radio Hits' Hall Singer: Jeff Chang

Song Production Awards
Metro Radio Hits' Composer Award: Khalil Fong - 牆紙 (Wallpaper)
Metro Radio Hits' Lyricist Award: Wyman Wong - 苦瓜 (Bitter Melon)
Metro Radio Hits' Song Producer Award - Alvin Leong - 我本人 (Me)

Metro Radio Hits' Albums:
* Hanjin Tan - 誰是陳奐仁 (Who Is Hanjin Tan)
* Chung Brothers - 齊唱‧吳秉堅之歌
* Paul Wong - A小調協奏曲 (A Minor Concerto)
* Khalil Fong - 15
* Various Artists - 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (Those Years, We Will Pursue Girls Together)

Metro Radio Hits' Album of the Year Award: Joey Yung - Joey & Joey
Metro Radio Hits' Stage Award: GEM

Metro Radio Hits' Mandarin Songs:
* Aska Yang - 懷珠
* Jing Chang - 正不正
* Khalil Fong / LaLa - 自以為

Metro Radio Hits' Popular Singer Awards:
* Sugar Club
* Shiga Lin
* MC Jin

Metro Radio Hits' Performance Awards:
* Ella Koon
* Stephanie Cheng
* Siu Fei
* Jonathan Wong

My Most Admired ....
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Female): Denise Ho
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Male): Khalil Fong
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Band): Mr.
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Singer (Group): FAMA
Metro Radio Hits' My Most Admired Song: Kay Tse - 你們的幸褔 (The Happiness of You All)

Metro Radio Hits Female Singers:
* Kary Ng
* Jade Kwan
* Fiona Sit

Metro Radio Hits Male Singers:
* Hins Cheung
* Edmond Leung
* Chilam Cheung

Metro Radio Hits Band:
* Mr.
* RubberBand
* Dear Jane

Metro Radio Hits Group:
* C AllStar
* Benji & Lesley
* Suger Club

Metro Radio Hits' Singer Voted by Fans in the Country:
* William So
* Richie Ren
* Raymond Lam

Metro Radio Hits' Group Voted by Fans in the Country: TWINS

Metro Radio Hits' Asia Singers:
* Richie Ren
* Miriam Yeunng
* Hacken Lee
* Kay Tse
* Leo Ku

Metro Radio Asia Singer-Songwriter Award: Ivana Wong / Hanjin Tan
Metro Radio Hits Asia Sing-Dance Group Award: Twins
Metro Radio Hits Singers of the World: Eason Chan / Joey Yung
Metro Radio Hits Songs: William So - 那誰 (Then Who), Eason Chan - 六月飛霜 (June Frost)

Metro Radio Hits' 12 Anniversary Special Awards:
- Most Outstanding Honored Singers: Andy Lau / Sammi Cheng
- Most Outstanding Honored Group: Grasshopper
- Twins Love for 10 Years: Twins

Wallpaper is not a karaoke song =.=
Quote:- Twins Love for 10 Years: Twins
really? they made an award JUST for them?
and a lot of these awards seemed custom made...and there are A LOT of winners for each category...
yeah, that's normal for metro
andy005442 Wrote:04:15 那個MC讀錯咁多野!!!

^do u all agree (that the awards are an INSULT to JOEY&大同Wink?