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Full Version: [News] EEG is big winner at “Music Pioneer Chart 2011 Award Ceremony (11 Dec 2011)
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The ?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 Award Ceremony? was held last night at the Hongshan Stadium in Wuhan, and the EEG singers who attended the event in Jiang Cheng included Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Ray Lam, Twins, BOYZ, William Chan, Ken Hung, Sherman Chung, Vincy Chan, Mag Lam and Marcus Hou. After the event organisers contributed some performances from new acts, the winners of the 39 award categories ? such as ?Most Popular Male/Female Singer?, ?Best Male/Female Singer?, ?Best Newcomer? and ?Best Group? ? were unveiled, with the results having been voted for by radio stations from 22 provinces as well as many music fans listeners. During the award ceremony, singers from EEG won 22 awards, so they were the big winners of the night.

Award winners from EEG:

?Hong Kong & Taiwan Top 10 Pioneer Golden Songs?
1. Leo Ku ? ?窮我一生?
2. Joey Yung ? ?13:00?
3. Twins ? ?3650?
4. Ray Lam ??讓我愛你一小時?

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? My Most Favourite Pioneer Singers Top 5?
Male ? Leo Ku, Ray Lam
Female ? Joey Yung

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? Hong Kong Pioneer Newcomer?
Mag Lam & Marcus Hou

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? Pioneer Group/Band?

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? Pioneer Dance Group/Singer?
William Chan (Singer), BOYZ (Group)

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? Pioneer Best Performing Singer?
Vincy Chan

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? Most Popular Duet Song?
Ken Hung & Sherman Chung -傻瓜

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? Best Music Composition?
Lee Si Song ? ?剩下的幸福?

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? 22 Station Best Album?
Leo Ku ? ?大時代?
Joey Yung ? ?Joey & Joey?

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? Pioneer Karaoke Queen?
Charlene Choi

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? 22 Station Best Pioneer Singer (Hong Kong & Taiwan)?
Ray Lam

?Music Pioneer Chart 2011 ? National Most Popular Pioneer Singer?
Male ? Leo Ku
Female ? Joey Yung

Source: EEG Music
is this the china NATIONAL music award ceremony? i don't pay much attention to awards these days...

and where can i find the FULL winners list? all the websites only list winners from select categories...
EEG Music Award Ceremony
whoa...that's A LOT of awards..for EEG...
haha charlene and joey looks so cute under the black coat
spoiledbrat Wrote:EEG Music Award Ceremony

I thought that scanning down the list.

Ugh. Why bother.
ugh...does EEG not realize that the more of these "awards" their artists win, the less meaningful they become? You'd have to be pretty dumb to not realize that something's wrong with the awards list...
Cause Eason (who is holding a concert at the o2 arena) apparently didn't make the cut :p

And Twins and William Chan made a splash in the music Scene this year ....oh wait.

EEG makes it hard for fans to defend :p