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Full Version: Khalil Fong - Mandarin version of Joey's "Wallpaper" (Demo)
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DEMO: Khalil Fong - Ten million years

sounds better without the drum beat in Wallpaper, shoulda kept it like this one

FULL: see rsung's post
that's only because it was a demo, you could totally tell Khalil wrote it with the drums in mind :p (yup, still loving the drums ahaha)

Man if only Khalil could sing this with Joey!!!!
Thanks for the clip, Spoiledbrat! Haha Blah, I'm with you, I also like the sound of the drums in Joey's version of the song! Khalil's version isn't too bad, but I much prefer the song being sung with Joey's voice, although the simpler music arrangement does sound quite nice.

Here is the full version of the demo, along with the lyrics:

我為你受傷不後悔 我願意為你掉眼淚 你捨不捨得這幾年 我真的體貼 你怎麼後悔 我了解你一去不回 我相信這天是心碎 我能夠做完這在消失前 再等多千萬年 你讓我一起走嵗月 愛過 我愛你到這時候 你說你才想我 我這麼的認真 到最後還是像個陌生人 我只能夠在這兒等.
Thanks for sharing! Comparatively speaking, I think Joey's voice is more suited for this song.
^ I agree, Waterwonders, it does sound nicer with Joey's voice, but I also think that Khalil sang it with quite a lot of emotion.