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Hi everyone! I am the founder of this new English wiki about Joey. My aim is to let every Joey fans in the world could the best of Joey. I hope all fans could get all Joey's most latest and accurate information!!! Please help me so that all the fans would know here and get the informations of Joey they wanted. It's a HUGE project that I hope you guyz can lend a hand and participate in it. I dunno whether Joey will know it oneday but this is my wish. I hope everyone one of it can join the wiki and help to edit it. If someday Joey know this site, and more and more joey fans participate in it, our effort won't be wasted! Please take action now, I know Joey's fans' power is LARGE!

p.s. plz ALWAYS switch to "source" mode to make changes. It is similar to make changes on Wikipedia (but this is a site ONLY for Joey). However, if you face difficulties, plz leave messages on my talk page (

I could not finish this big dream by my own! (There are so many pages I haven't finished/improved!) Please do help Smile I would thank every edit you made. cuz you have contributed to JOEY!
Wow yes that is a big project, and you've made significant progress already, good job!

Hopefully our forum and Rsung's discography site are useful info sources. The rest is up to the fans, like you said Smile

Thank you for linking to JG by the way, I guess I will add a link to the Wiki somewhere on JG soon enough~
thx for starting this wiki, kenny ........... ur doing a great job [Image: ThumbsUp_A1VHO4.gif]

did u post this to JF? u'll prob. get more response (and contributors?) there...

but every1 on JG should contribute as much as possible, and SUPPORT his wiki Smile
(...or else................ u WON'T get any presents for christmas...... :nono: [Image: Mineral_bituminous_coal.png] :nono: )

speaking of which, i prefer joey to have a lil' meat on her rather than "super skinny" (read anorexic) model.

[Image: 200px-Joey_2010_JSG_award.jpg]
^ some would say joey is too FAT in this pic :angry: :nono: :angry: , but i think she looks fine..... and maybe it's the angle, but it looks like joey has some biceps on her Smile

compared to...
[Image: 90px-JoeyTen_Postcard1_Front.jpg]
^ looks EXACTLY like a model, THIN and CURVY......... but to me she looks TOOOOOO skinny.......... while not quite anorexic, it's VERY unhealthy for joey to maintain this "perfect" image...... her natural, ideal body weight should be ~58-60 kg.

so which one do u guys prefer? VOTE NOW!!! Smile
Raybie Wrote:Wow yes that is a big project, and you've made significant progress already, good job!...
cnator90 Wrote:thx for starting this wiki, kenny ........... ur doing a great job [Image: ThumbsUp_A1VHO4.gif]
Thank you so much! I hope everyone in JG do help!

btw, someone in JF has found the wiki months ago. but no one has joined Sad
Thanks for sharing your incredible wiki page, Kenny, you've done an awesome job! Smile The site already has lots of great content on it, and it's quite well laid out, so I hope the site will go from strength to strength! So how long have you spent on creating the wiki?

Thanks also for adding a link to my site on your home page, and I'll make sure I'll add a link to your wiki on my home page, the next time I update it. Add oil, Kenny!
whoa nicee work
hey this is wicked! Big Grin i don't normally go on wiki pages though...only for Glee and some other tv shows...but this one is definitely worth going on Smile
I'm disappointed. You guys just say that's good, that's special... but still NO ONE has joined or make changes on the wiki. I need to run it myself like before. come on! let others know Joey's fans power!
^ Sorry I haven't had the time to contribute anything to your wiki yet, Kenny, I've been busy with work recently. However, now that I'm on a break, I'll see if there's anything I can add to your wiki page. Smile