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Full Version: [News] Joey tries to get Charlene & William to stand together (05 Dec 2011)
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Joey admits she is impatient, so she is not skilled at flying kites, poetry and art.

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The EEG stars all jump up.

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Charlene and William only stand together for a photograph after Joey pulls them together.

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Even though he didn?t get enough sleep, Leo still showed up to give his support.

Yesterday, Queen of Pop Joey Yung and Leo Ku led their fellow EEG artistes to attend the ?Fly Kite with Love? charity function, and during the event the ?little lovers? Charlene Choi and William Chan looked evasive when they appeared together, and it required Joey to pull them together before they reluctantly posed for photographs.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of establishing the EEG fan club, the ?Fly Kite with Love? charity function was held yesterday at the Island Golf Club at Tseung Kwan O, and the proceeds of the event will be donated to the Tung Wah Hospital charity. Nearly all the EEG artistes attended the event to show their support, including Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Twins, BOYZ, Sherman Chung and William Chan. In addition, nearly 200 fans held up signs to show their support, so the scene looked very crowded and busy.

Mag Lam doesn?t pay much attention to rumours
Yesterday, Charlene declared that she isn?t ready yet to have a baby, but if fate decides to bestow upon her a ?surprise? she would go ahead with the pregnancy. Don?t know if William was worried it would be embarrassing to be interviewed together with Charlene, but he deliberately walked away from her, and when the two of them were standing on stage together shoulder to shoulder, William squatted down to avoid the cameras. In the end, it required Joey to stand in between them before they were willing to pose together for photographs! Conversely, rumoured couple Mag Lam and Carlos Chan were more generous by sitting next to each other and frequently whispering into each other?s ear. When Mag was asked whether she will be flying a kite with Carlos, she replied: ?I will be flying a kite with a whole group of people. (Will you evade him because you?re worried about the rumours?) I already faced this question one year ago, there?s no need to be deliberately evasive.?

Leo will be absent from award ceremony
When discussing about her good friend Denise Ho and Bosco Wong having to kiss passionately in the street for the shooting of a film, Joey said she will watch the film at the movie theatre during the new year if she has time: ?Was it that glorious? It must?ve been very embarrassing to do that because of the large crowds at Mongkok, so that was impressive! My film ?DIVA? has already finished shooting! However, I don?t think the film will come out at the same time as hers (Denise). (Are your kisses in the film as passionate?) After seeing the photographs of it, I don?t feel it?s that passionate!?

Leo revealed he is currently working hard to complete some editing work for his DVD, and he only had 2 hours of sleep before attending this kite-flying event. As the various award ceremonies are held at the end of the year, Leo said: ?I may not be attending all 4 award ceremonies, since I already have a job that I had accepted earlier. (Are you worried about not winning an award because of your absence?) After participating for so many years, I?m not too nervous about this issue. Since contracts have already been signed for the work commitment, I can?t refuse to do it. (Earning money is more important?) Work is more important!?

Source: Oriental Daily
lol, they're still not standing together in the pic