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Full Version: [News] Mag Lam: Joey constantly gives me support (02 Dec 2011)
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When Mag Lam feels pressure due to work, she will ask Joey for advice.

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Joey Yung

Yesterday, EEG singer Mag Lam looked tired when she appeared at the God-praying ceremony for the TVB show "Support Offender Rehabilitation for a Safer and More Inclusive Society", which will be recorded that night. She revealed that her tiredness was due to her being very busy with shooting a film, and regarding claims that she has lost weight because she was being bullied by her senior EEG sister Joey Yung, Mag denied this: ?She hasn?t been bullying me! Actually, she chats with me all the time, and I will ask Joey for advice if I encounter any problems or if I feel any pressure. She also constantly gives me support and teaches me how to solve problems.? Mag admits she has lost weight, and she revealed that her mum is worried about her: ?She worries about a lot of things.? When discussing about the award ceremonies at the end of the year, is she confident of winning an award? Mag frankly admitted that she ?doesn?t care much? about awards: ?The most important thing is that I can have albums to record and music shows to perform on.?

Source: sina
UGH... at first i thought wtf is that UGLY bitch...... srsly didn't recognise mag AT ALL......
she looks like a freakin' drug addict!!! Sad
whoa there, careful cnator, u wouldn't want to become a singer one day and then have this post of yours in the magazines, do u? Wink
HAHA... true. IF that ever happens, i'll prob. get a new IP, new phone, new address, etc... so they can't trace me :p

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^ Don't worry, Cnator, I have backed-up all your posts so I can make use of them in the future! :evillaugh: If you do become a singer, I would like to play the role of the jilted lover who becomes bitter and twisted, and wants to make a quick buck by selling all your forum posts to the media! MUHAHAHAHA
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Yeah it doesn't look like Mag :/



And where do you live?

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u couldn't tell i was JOKING??? Wink

the "fart" emoticon was a giveaway...
Your usage of the fart emoticon is precisely why I am curious about your age Rolleyes

Now answer my questions!
it's mag without her usual makeup
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