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Full Version: [News] Eason welcomes Joey to compete for award (30 Nov 2011)
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Eason Chan is not worried about offending TVB, and yesterday he appeared as a guest on opening of the new “now Mango” station.

Yesterday, Eason Chan appeared as a guest on the opening of the new “now Mango” station, and whilst on stage, he was speaking favourably about the station by saying he only has the “now” TV channel in his house. When asked whether he is worried about offending TVB, he said: “Since I really only have a ‘now’ high-definition TV decoder in my house, it already includes the TVB and AsiaTV channels.” He expressed that he had earlier been interviewed by Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui on a ‘now’ show: “Actually, I wanted to accept an interview by Lawrence Cheng or Sandy Lamb San San, so even if he was working for TVB, I would have still done the interview with him.

Will be spending Christmas with daughter next year
Yesterday, Eason was also at Metro Radio to give an interview, and regarding Joey Yung saying that she’s got her eye on his award because he is planning to take a small break next year, he smiled and said: “Is that right? So even if the album is outstanding, I won’t win an award if I don’t attend the award ceremony? I thought that only happens at the TVB award ceremony? Then I’ll just let her try to make a good album! Actually, as long as people like my album, I don’t care too much about awards.” He frankly admitted that whether it’s his company or himself, neither have any demands regarding awards. He expressed that he’s decided to take a 2-week break during Christmas next year to spend time with his daughter, and he’s planned to go travelling to enjoy some family time together: “Regarding whether I’ll be attending the award ceremonies during that time, it will depend on whether I’ll be in Hong Kong at that time. During my break, even I’m offered a job I won’t accept it, unless they offer me $30million for one show. Actually, on this occasion, I wanted to take a break because I didn’t want to be left out each time my family go on vacation; my wife, Hilary, frequently jokes that my daughter is growing up in a single-parent family. I’m not worried about it coming true if I say that too often, but it would be all down to fate if it does. I also won’t think that everyone will feel disappointment about it, and I think it would be tragic if I can’t even talk a little nonsense, since we still have freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

Source: sina
Anddddddd that's why Eason is featured in my sig!

He is going to enter the k-pop scene anyway! :p
I'm glad he realises family time is important!
LOL i enjoy reading about the TVB parts because its too true Big Grin and its great that he thinks about family first!
"now Mango"??? ... wtf? what a retarded name Rolleyes hahaha

"...I thought that only happens at the TVB award ceremony?" ... SOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!

van Wrote:He is going to enter the k-pop scene anyway! :p
^ psssh... if that ever happens, i'll pay u 8888 won!!! :p
cnator90 Wrote:^ psssh... if that ever happens, i'll pay u 8888 won!!! :p
eason recently made a video of him doing his best k-pop interpretation which was beyond hilarious
^ link pls? also he needs to OFFICIALLY debut as a k-pop artist, imitations don't count...