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Full Version: [News] Eason makes fun of Joey at Metro Radio Awards Press Conference (07 Nov 2011)
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[COLOR="Red"]Eason makes fun of Joey, airplay king asked “No. 2” to talk about her feelings (07 Nov 2011)

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Eason Chan and Joey Yung disses each other to create atmosphere.

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The more Eason disses others, the happier he became, and he uncontrollably laughed out loud.

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Eason hoped that Leo Ku’s name and his are not mentioned together again.

Eason Chan and Joey Yung, who have always been big winners at the Metro Radio Music Awards Ceremony, have both received a head start yesterday by being presented the following awards by Metro Radio: Eason was awarded the “Metro Radio Airplay Award (Singer)” and Joey received the “Metro Radio Album of the Year Award”. When the two of them were on stage, they pretended to be smug by provoking each other, and this acted as the prelude to the end-of-year award ceremonies battle.

The press conference for “Metro Radio Award Ceremony 2011” was held yesterday, and just like on previous occasions, the organisers began by presenting 3 awards. With an airplay total of 1341, Eason Chan won the “Metro Radio Airplay Award (Singer)”, Kary Ng won the “Metro Radio Airplay Award (Song)” with an airplay total of 312, and Joey Yung won the “Metro Radio Album of the Year Award” for her album “Joey & Joey”.

Joey retaliates: You’re very annoying
After Eason received his award to gain a head start, he pretended to act smug and asked the singer who came second in the total airplay rankings – which was Joey – to talk about her feelings. Joey then went on stage to abruptly scold him: “Eason Chan, you’re so pointless, everyone knows you came first!” Eason didn’t give up and replied: “Joey felt bored sitting down below the stage, so that’s why I asked her to come up. Joey, you need to put in more effort, I know you will eventually have your day!” An angered Joey then yelled: “You’re very annoying!” As Eason began talking about his feelings on winning his award, Joey sneakily took away his award trophy, but Eason then said: “It doesn’t matter, I already have lots of them!” The organizer then announced that Joey won the “Album of the Year Award”, and she immediately smirked and retaliated: “Facts speak louder than words!”, which caused everyone to laugh out loud.

Not happy that Leo Ku is mentioned
After the press conference finished, Eason was still smug, and he kept on asking everyone if they though he was impressive for being the first person to win an award. He also said the other singers can achieve the same results as him if they were to work a bit harder. Eason then joked: “I know Joey very well, so that’s what I’ve been telling her. In the past, I said the same to Denise Ho and Nic Tse, but Nic didn’t listen to me!” When talking about how he made fun of Joey, Eason said: “We’re always like this, when there are no media around I am very courteous to her.” In recent years, the “Metro Radio Airplay Award” has mostly been won by Leo Ku, but Leo actually didn’t even make it into the top 12 singers this year, and he didn’t attend yesterday’s press conference because he was shooting a commercial. Eason said: “In the past it was Andy Lau (who dominated the award)! So why do you have to keep on mentioning him (Leo)? Stop mentioning us together every year!” Eason then acted like a child having a tantrum, and he shouted: “I’m not going along with this! It’s very boring! It’s always me and him! I never thought my whole life would be handed over to Leo Ku!

Joey expressed that she loves playing with Eason: “He doesn’t act appropriately, and he frequently angers me! But he’s now getting old; in the past, he would attack me from the front, but now he’s started praising me when he’s on a radio show. I can’t believe it, I’m suspecting that now he’s reached middle-age he’s turned over a new leaf!"

Source: Mingpao

Here's a clip of the event:
LOL. Seems like Joey holds back more when it comes to retaliating Eason now. So jokes.