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Full Version: Composer of One Flower & Thousand Trees needs your help!
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blablablah Wrote:holy crappp u guys wrote for Exile too??? wow...and yeah, reaching #1 on Oricon is a HUGEEEEE deal!
blablablah is Oricon really that big? Wow I'm so clueless. Toronto rocks!

Thanks spoiledbrat, appreciate the help. Matthew wrote She off TVXQ's recent album.

Hey all, I'd appreciate if you could hep a guy out by posting links to:
1. A Cantonese or Mandarin ballad you LOVE
2. One you LIKE
3. And one you DON'T like.

We're planning to write some new ballads and it would be great to find out what some REAL fans are into.
^ would u like me to turn that into a new topic so more people see it?

do u want us to post Joey's ballads specifically or any canto/mando ballad?
Wow that would be great, yes please do.

I forgot to mention, newer songs would be more useful, released no earlier than say 2009. Also better if it's any canto-mando ballad if that's cool with you.
I would have a really biased answer.. Cause the only canto music I listen to are Eason and Joey haha.. And I don't listen to ballads much anymore unless they are old classics... I much prefer up tempo/relaxing songs. Some examples would be Joey's recent songs in her last EP - Star Map & Airport (ignore the crappy mv rofl)

But for the sake of your questions, I'd say:

1. Love - Tourbillon - Eason (you can listen to the live version if you're interested)
2. Like - Very Busy - Joey
3. Dislike - Fly - This song is boring if it wasn't for the live version. But even so, I wouldn't purposely play it unless it's on shuffle.

I think most ballads sound alright, depending on which singer performing it. But it's def hard to find one that is very outstanding nowadays.
^ OMG, Newbs, what I was going to post is nearly the same as yours! Out of the contemporary singers, I also mainly listen to songs by Eason & Joey, with a bit of Denise Ho. I also love Eason's "Tourbillon" and I was also going to suggest "Airport" & "Very Busy" to Andrew! I'm so mentally disturbed by our similarities! Do you happen to be my long-lost big sister? haha

Andrew, here are some Cantonese ballads I love:
1. Eason Chan – A State of Loneliness
2. Eason Chan – Salon
3. Joey Yung - In Search of the Deities
4. Joey Yung – Complete Lie
5. Joey Yung – Time is not with Me
6. Denise Ho - Synchronised Swimming

A Mandarin ballad I like:
Joey Yung – Is this Love?

A Cantonese ballad I like:
Joey Yung – Sleeping with the Butterflies

A Cantonese ballad I don't like:
Joey Yung - An Understanding Woman
Even though Joey's vocal performance in this last song is great, I'm really not a fan of the melody.

It's tough to come out with song names that I don't like because I tend to listen to them once or twice and then I'll completely forget about them. Characteristics I don't like in the melody of a song include
1. several lines of a verse or chorus using the same melody repeatedly
2. not much variation in the melody so the song sounds monotonous

Just out of curiosity, what music do you like listening to, Andrew? Anyway, good luck with your songwriting! Smile
^ LOL Rsung! ^5 no I can't be your long lost sister... But I COULD be your long lost bro tho.. LOL

Even your list is very similar to the list I was juggling between! I LOVE Salon so much! But yeah, tourbillion topped my list haha and I was choosing between Is This Love and Very Busy too ^^

Oh and I LOVE Complete Lie too.. and Mong Yau Cho (but I like the rearranged version more)
^ Haha Newbs, if you're my long-lost big brother, that's a bit of a nasty surprise because I was sure you were a girl when I met you last time; the sex change operation you had must've been really expensive since the results turned out so well! haha One thing I forgot to mention before was that one of my favourite Joey songs is "Fly" and you mentioned you disliked it! Due to this, I want to publicly disown you as my big brother! haha

Andrew, I know you mentioned you would like Cantonese/Mandarin ballad suggestions, but I was wondering if you're also interested in Japanese ballad suggestions? If you are, here are a few of my favourite ones from the past few years:
Mika Nakashima - BABY BABY BABY
Mika Nakashima - ORION
Mika Nakashima - Ichiban Kirei na Watashi wo
Ayumi Hamasaki - Together When...
Ayumi Hamasaki - Days
SunMin - Love You
Kalainfa - Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete yuku
Kalafina - Ashita no Keshiki
Canto/Mando Pop I Love:
零時零分 - 2007
密友 - 2007
雙冠軍 - 2010
無限大 - 2010 (Justin Lo)
三十日 30 Days - Justin Lo
寂寞先生 - 2009 (Gary Chaw)
**There's A LOT more.

Ones I LIKE:
我不要被你記住 - PakHo Chau
貪嗔癡 - 2008?
Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood
I Was Here - Beyonce (2011)
Halo - Beyonce
Skyscraper - Demi Lovato (2011)
Pray - Justin Bieber (Gavin Mikhail Version)

I can't think of a ballad that I hate...maybe some new Miriam's...
^ Hey RaiI! I also like Gavin's version of Pray too! ^5 haha <3 that guy
Sorry if not all of them are considered ballads. LOL I'm going to avoid listing Joey songs since I'm sure many people will be listening those as songs they love/like. I love all the Eason songs Rsung and Newbs listed, so I won't be listing those either. I don't listen to many mandarin songs, lol I only listen to JJ Lin, David Tao and Gary Chaw.

One song I love
William So - 那誰 (2011)

One song I like
Miriam Yeung - 火鳥 (2011)

My other faves (sorry I couldn't just name one song I love/like, ended up listing way too many >.<)
Songs I love
C AllStar - 天梯 (2010)
Benji & Lesley - Showtime 2: IF (2011) -
Miriam Yeung - 我係我 (Remix) (2009)
Kary Ng - 小愛 (2009)
Denise Ho - 鋼鐵是怎樣煉成的 (2010) -
JJ Lin - 一個又一個 (2009)
Gary Chaw - 寂寞先生 (2009)

Songs I like (though some lean pretty close to love/like)
Vincy Chan & Hai Ming Wai - 我的回憶不是我的 (2009)
Kay Tse - 年度之歌 (2009)
Jason Chan - 你瞞我瞞 (2009)
Jason Chan - 拍一半拖 (2009)
Pong Nan - 向前走 (2009)
Kary Ng- 愛德華時代 (2009)
Jade Kwan - 以身試愛 (2009)
Jade Kwan - 重新出發 (2009)
Joyce Cheng - 有故事的人 (2010)
Eason Chan - 苦瓜 (2011)
Eason Chan - 一絲不掛 (2010)
Gary Chaw - 丑角 (2010)
JJ Lin - 第幾個100天 (2009)

One song I don't like (I usually just forget about the songs I don't like, but this was pretty hard to forget since it's not everyday that I'd hear a Joey song that I can't even finish listening to. LOL!)
Joey Yung - 風無心 (2011)

If you are interested there is a HK music thread at AsianFanatics and every year the regular posters would end the thread by listing their top 10 faves of the year.
2010 (posts 748 to 759) -
2009 (posts 2002 to 2031) -
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