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Ok guys, i thought i'd start a thread where we could recommend music to each other. We might have had a thread like this before, but this time i want to focus on stuff that is not super mainstream. The hidden gems. Stuff that most of us wouldn't know about. So try to avoid ur typical American Top 40, Hong Kong pop charts stuff.

So i'll start:

Ohashi Trio (大橋トリオWink

I first discovered him around a year ago when he released a cover album that included a cover of Utada Hikaru's "traveling". Amazing cover, very different from the original but equally awesome. I then started listening to his original stuff and really liked what i heard.

I would describe his style as being acoustic pop with elements of jazz and blues. I definitely recommend him if you are ever in the mood for something laid back, relaxing, but at the same time a little funky.

and here's his cover of traveling
(you guys should also check out his covers of I'm Yours, Human Nature, Dreams (original version of 夢中人Wink, and Dancing in the Moonlight, highly recommended!

i've come across Janice's new album Love Diaries (well it was released in october so its still fresh to me heehee)
and this song that i heard in her concert was REALLY good. i dont think its gonna be plugged soon...
but its def a great song, and it's been repeating in my ipod a lot...its so nice
Ohhh thanks for that Blah. I can't find their cover of dancing in the moonlight though? Help me out with that one? I love that song.

I love their blues/jazz feel. Very fun, very Michael Buble.
OMG Blah! Their cover of I'm Yours is so good! I likeeeeeeeeeeee! If van can't find dancing in the moonlight cover, then I prob can't too, so please blah, do us a big favour ^^

And Raii, good song too!
^ Yeah, I'm Yours IS GOOD! Well the start wasn't very promising but after that it was excellent. <3 it

What's the album name, Blah?
hey blah, is there another japanese singer that you recommend? i wanna hear more japanese songs...

there was this song Eason sang in Duo "Mr Lonely" but Koji To...mataka?
and i loved it...but cant seem to find the original version
Thanks for the Ohashi Trio clips, Blah! You've always been my hero because you were the one who introduced me to J-pop and Utada! Smile I had a listen to "Winterland" and "Traveling" and I found myself uncontrollably tapping my foot in time with the music! The guy's smooth vocals were relaxing to listen to, but I don't think I'm in a hurry to put up a poster of him in my bedroom wall. haha

Thanks for the Janice song, Raii! To me, this song is better than some of her recent songs that were plugged so I quite like it. There's quite a few of her older songs that I like and I've got a few of her albums, but I've yet to get her latest album so I don't know most of the songs on it. Was her concert any good?

Here are some songs I like that I hope you guys have not heard before:

During Joey's "One Live One Love" concert, one of my favourite songs in it was "絕戀" and here is the original Cantonese version of it (I think it was originally a Japanese song):

A song called "Love You" by Korean singer SunMin, who released a few Japanese singles and one album:

A jazzy type of song called "BABY BABY BABY" by Mika Nakashima:

I love the final Mika song, so if you don't like it, please only mention behind my back so I don't get upset! haha
hey guys.
i've been super into KPOP over the summer...started out with Big Bang but that's not my point.

My Point:

Who here has heard of an artist named "Gummy" from YG Entertainment?
Well she's a very talented artist with an exclusive and amazing voice. I call her the Korean Joey Yung Wink

Here's her latest single from a korean drama OST called "I'll Love You Even If I Die" (drama: Dae-mul/dae-mool)

She started out in 2003, didn't make a big break through cuz her music wasn't focused meaning she didn't really have a selling point...just a typical singer...
but then in 2007 when she cameback with a hit song featuring Big Bang's TOP, people started to notice her...and many of her songs then became hit theme songs for dramas...

This song that i've posted is my most favorite theme song ever sang by her...and if you guys listen to the whole song, i think the chorus would be the part that hooks your mind and you'll feel that pain in love, and that desire to take in that pain for im gettin' carried away haha Wink

I like all the songs you recommended rsung! With jpop, I'm too lazy to go, find and download them LOL even tho I requested for some in the other thread. Jap is such a pretty language!

My friend showed me this clip one day, and she knows I like Joey but she's never heard Joey before cos she doesn't listen to cantopop, she said this girl, IU, reminds her of Joey LOL:
Her version of Taeyang's song
Officially Missing You - IU's cover

Too bad I can't find the clip where she kissed Taeyang LOL


Raii just listened to your one, it's nice too! Damn krns, they're good!
Currently addicted to this: 林峰-定鏡

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