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Full Version: The Contender
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what do you think of this show? who is your fav?
hmmm...not many left right? onyl like 3 n e finals is on wed...but i kinda like jesse...esp e last one tt he fought...was lucky...nearly got kicked out...


=X what is the contender? -ducks from thrown shoe.


I really like to watch this show ^_^' I think I like Sergio xD He reminds me of a friend.
ooohh...sergio is cute!!
^FIVE^ sergio is so darn cute! he's one of my favourites too...........and not to forget alfonso. aaahhh! too bad he lost to peter coz i think alfonso is better than peter.

so who do u think will win? oh yeah! if u've watched the match between sergio and jesse.............plz don't tell it out yet. don't spoil the fun! thanx! who won??
SERGIO MORA!! and ALFONSO won the bronze title over jesse. i was so happy with the results.

heard that there will only be 1 season for the contender coz the ratings were not good. sad..
why sad?
u mean sergio winning the title or there's no more season 2??
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