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Full Version: Phil Lam - 2010 Sony newcomer
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He was the winner of Vancouver New Talent a few years back and 4th at the internationals. WOOT CANADIAN REPRESENT! What do u guys think? Interesting/risky choice for an HK debut cuz its not your typical super commercial cantopop song. But you have to give him props for it! plus he wrote it himself!

Facebook group:!/PhilLamOfficial?ref=ts

Thanks for sharing, Blah!

Yeah it is definitely not the typical music you'd hear in HK! But I feel that the song is not catchy enough, but I really like the style. Looking forward to hearing him singing canto!

It sucks how Sony music artistes can't perform on TVB anymore.. It would be interesting to see Phil at JSG!
woot! Go Phil! But he needs a more....conventional song Tongue
ATV looks so weird all the time but that's cos I'm too used to TVB.

GO PHILL!!!!! Can't wait til his album is out xD
Thanks blah! Not catchy enough imo. Was expecting a more conventional song for debut. Props to Phil for trying the style though, I'm sure he'll produce some quality stuff soon!
wow, he's finally on stage! Go Phil!
where's the like button?! XDD
Wow, cool! All the best of luck to Phil in the future! I will have to check out the clip during my lunch break haha.
Who is this hot hunk of a man?

I'm kidding. :p I should elaborate.

Thanks for posting, Blah.

Phil seems a bit nervous but I think I would be too. Great performance but he seemed a bit out of breath?

The song...isn't really my thing, I thought it was slightly repetitive at times but it's definitely different and fresh, I can't wait to hear more stuff from him.

I hope HKers like it.

(Anyone else thinks he looks like a mix between Wilfred and Jay Chou?)
i agree with van. i think he was a little nervous, but it's his debut performance. we shouldn't judge him too hard. he got a little breathy/shaky during the 2nd half the song but he started the song very well.

as for the song, i really like it. i really like the style. very different to what the other singers are putting out nowadays. hk has been into those really really slow ballads that i find boring..LOL

looking forward to his canto single!
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