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Full Version: What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
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Just read the subject header...

how often do you rmba ur dreams????

The only time i ever have bad dreams in when im really sick
lol..i remember almost ALL my dreams..and nightmares...and they are so weirddddd

i had one a few months wasn't weird..but i was at this carnival sort of thing...and i saw joey on this ride..LOL..but by the time i was on..she was gone...but i saw her near this other place again...nice dreammm

i had a weird dream...about this man who wore a mask...and he tried to murder people with poisonous icecubes...but i had this dream TWICE
dreams r funi 2 me, mine r emotional,like i wake up+find that ive been cryin!bt i hardly remeba wt they're about
woohoo! go the poisonous ice cubes ahah...that would be interesting...

but joey lol? how can you dream about joey lol.....i never have.....and im a guy lol.....
oh yea,does ne1 av a dreamcatcher?my aunt brought me 1 yrs ago,its supposed to take away ur bad dreams i fink,


re-occuring dreams freak me out


i dont remember most of my dreams...though...the ones that i do remember are quite not tell sincee der quite embrassing

and ive never had a nightmare..i dont think -__-" ..well..none that i remember..LOL..


lol did you know that when you have a dream but you forget about it in the morning and when it really happens and you go "oh i dreamt about this or that" is freaky stuff dunno if you guys ever had one


when i was 13 i had a dream i was going to the bathroom...and when i woke up...i wet my bed, it was weird.


OMG that is so funny!!~~~~~~
maybe u ddnt have a dream of going to the toilet, maybe it was something else... hehe Confusedleep:
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