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Full Version: Eric Tsang @ Jay Chou HK Concert Night 3 (20 Sep 2010)
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LoL he can sing Rolleyes And his trash talking is funny!
Lol first time hearing Eric sing.
this is the first time i've heard eric sing, but his talking irritates me. LOL
Eric's singing is as funny as his jokes!
O.O i didnt know he had a concert in HKC
nice ! hahaha so funny
cool, haha nice to see non hk artist holding concerts in HKC
Thanks for the clip, Raybie! I don't usually listen to Jay Chou but I thought the song he sang in the clip was pretty good. I've seen Eric Tsang sing a few times before, and on two of the occasions, he sang Richie Ren's 心太軟 (Sum Tai Yuen). Unfortunately, the only clip I could find on YouTube of Eric singing this song is a duet with Cecilia Cheung: