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Full Version: [MV/MP3] sharing music videos ^^
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The Point Of No Return - Chi Lam

Cyndi Wang Xing Ling - Honey

Ayumi Hamasaki

Depend On You
Fly High
No way to say
Love Destiny
Ayumi's Kanariya (Loveppears album)

Aaron Kwok - Para para sakura

Jolin new music video - Ye Man You Xi

Michael Wong Guang Liang's song - tong hua ( fairy tale )

Wang Lee Hom
lee hom wang - w-h-y

lee hom wang - ai chuo

lee hom wang - dream again (japanese)

lee hom wang - two people don't equal us

lee hom wang - deep inside the bamboo grove

lee hom wang - astrology

lee hom wang - loving you is loving me

lee hom wang - simply in love with you

lee hom wang - bu yao hai pa

男人魅 All About Men TVB themes MVs

1. 心計 (TVB劇集"酒店風雲"主題曲Wink - 李克勤

2. 別怪她 (TVB劇集"酒店風雲"插曲Wink - 吳卓羲

3. 三角兩面 (TVB劇集"Yummy Yummy"插曲Wink - 鄭嘉穎

4. 呼叫 (TVB劇集"召喚王"主題曲Wink - 鄧健泓

5. 領會 (TVB劇集"覆雨翻雲"插曲Wink - 林峰

6. 和你的每一天 (TVB劇集"妙手仁心"插曲Wink - 林保怡

7. 世上無難事 (TVB劇集"本草藥王"主題曲Wink - 林文龍

more will be update soon ^^
wow! where did u get all these?


wooooot, i've bene looking for the hacken lee one for ages! where'd you get them from?
thx alot
love you sasa! consider this repayment for the avatar ^^

hmm, you should find a permanent host because those are gonna run out son --__-!
wow! getting more n more huh?


OMG, u bought the TVB Male Singers/Actors Album? I saw it at the record store the other day but it wasn't too impressive. Plus, I bought the Joey DVD already. Anyway, thanks so much Sasa! You're great!

de ja dub

Thanks for uploading these!

thank you!!!....=))


few versions of "mice love big rice" "老鼠爱大米"

Girl Version "mice love big rice"
Guy Version "mice love big rice"
English Version "mice love big rice"
Twins VersionS "mice love big rice"
Mando Canto Version "mice love big rice"
Mando Version "mice love big rice"
Patrick tam - "Seed Of hope"
All in a RAR folder
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