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Full Version: Anybody has Toy Story 3 in canto??
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hahahha really wanna watch it in canto now Tongue any one knows where i can find it? ty
im looking for it too....but i think it will only be available when the dvd is out
ya i dun think the DVD is out yet...if USA dun have the DVD out...HK shouldnt have it neither...:/ im just like im waiting like forever for it
I'm sure there will be a way to illegally obtain it, just look for torrents
i have been trying for a long time but i still cant find it Big Grin
if i havent mistaken, NY has a CD store that has it in VCD canto...and the DVD is region 3 so it cant be played in US DVD players
trying to get it on bt... lols....
^link? Big Grin
i found a recorded version from the theaters and it was kinda disappointing
there's like no seed tho... i'll try to remember when i get home
thanks! Big Grin
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