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Full Version: Charlene&Raymond - Always Here (theme song for the Jade and Pearl)
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ah hah this is the theme song for Jade and the Pearl

omg the kissing scene! and this song is not that nice.. Believe Have Loved in this Life is much nicer and it should be the themesong! considering the fact that Joey is the best singer amongst them
Wow looks convincing to me xD omg I hope the kidding scenes aren't awkward but I shouldn't have high hopes for that since Asians can't kiss.

Dw the subtheme is usually more popular than the themesong Tongue
the themesong doesn't sound nice for a standalone song...maybe it suits more for the movie since it sounds so ancient...haha...and why are all the themes in Mandarin?? seems like the movie will be marketed more towards China...come to Malaysia Joey!!! HAHAHA....and yeah..the subtheme sounds better...and also explains why a mandarin version of the subtheme was released
the movie will be premiered in beijing on aug 1
^ Spoiled8 please remove that Joey and Ray kissing pic from your sig! It's disturbing. You can't do this to us!

And this song is more suitable as the main theme song because it's more dramatic. Joey's song just sounds like a modern pop song and I question whether it's even suitable as the subtheme for this type of series.
^ but the song is quite boring i think.. LOL! spoiled! that pic is quite.. umm yahh
LOL SB! farrrrrrkk. That angle looks awkward.
LOL SB. Joey looks totally into it while Ray's so stoned.

But yeah don't like the song partly cause its mando lol
at first i was like mando?...but then i realized TVB and EEG r mostly canto so i was like o0o