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Full Version: [Video Request] Olympic Gold Medalists HK Stadium Show 9/7
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Does anyone have a link to the Olympic Gold Medalist show at the HK Stadium on September 7, 2004? Joey sang "My Pride" with one of the athletes and later sang "Only One In The World".

Do you guys have any other clips from the show (non-Joey related) too?

I tried dl it at Joey Sanctuary but my winzip won't let me extract the file because it's "corrupt" but I think its my computer's fault, not the site.

yea i do have it! Big Grin i'll upload it now for ya. but i dont have any other clips of other ppl.. well.. i do.. but i have to dl them from my friend.. u want me to do that or?
lol i have the whole thing.. but it's like 100 mb each tho ><
haha just make it smaller
lol how do u do that?
use movie maker.. its under C drive > programs. u 2 have the performance by leo with an olympic athelete??....i want to see...LOL


Thanks newbie123, I would greatly appreciate if if you could upload it!

newbie123 or WaygUp, can you guys upload any clips of the Chinese Olympic divers, perferablly Tian Liang and Hu Jia, too?

Thanks SO much!
I can't seem to edit the real file with TMPGenc..
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