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Full Version: [req] Joey Yung - 低等動物
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Does anyone have the .mp3 version of this song sang by Joey at the Joey X Eason 903 id Club concert? Its a Eason Chan cover. Too bad the DVD/CD is not out! Don't know if they will ever produced one.

Hmm if the CD & DVD was never released, then I doubt anyone has a good quality mp3 of this? Maybe the best you can hope for is an audio rip from a recorded video like the one you posted.
wow joey made me like this song...i didnt like eason's way of singing has a fresh taste when a diva sings it...

and lmao at the pang pang sounds at the end from the fans Big Grin

Don't have the mp3, but the quality is good enough to be ripped out as mp3 haha.
this song has a Mad About You feel but a softer tone
thanks guys for replying. and thanks newbie123 for the link. it is a better version =D
i never heard this song before until joey sang it lol
^ me too! only came to know about this song after Joey sang it =D Joey's voice just rocks