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Full Version: Mortal Kombat Rebirth (2010) Teaser Trailer
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Apparently production of this movie is yet to begin (zZzz). This teaser was released to gauge public response for the new MK movie concept.


Silly asides
Omgosh I loved Mortal Kombat when I was still in primary! LOL. I can't wait until the movie comes out~

Rofl at the last 2 clips =.=
i wonder if this movie would be a 'ok' as the game...personally not a big fan of MK but heard from friends that its an awesome game...
MK was like the "fighting game" during the 90s =) hopefully they do justice to the game by creating a great storyline...because the first two were relatively poorly made edit: from sources, it's actually just a pitch for a possible movie. it might not even be realized =(