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Full Version: Twins at JSG selection round 1[mentions Joey]
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Charlene mentions Joey at the end of the clip! and wishes that Joey get well soon.. this is quite an old vid
ooo that's nice of them =)

ooo Steph and Linda ?!
joey didnt win anything?
^ YAH!thats so sad.. cos she wasnt in hk =( oh well i rather her rest than get the award haha
that's stupid. if u dont attend the ceremony u dont get an award? they should give it to joey regardless if joey showed up or not
I think it's fair enough rule that if artists don't attend, they're not eligible for awards (unless for exceptional circumstances such as injury for example). Otherwise some artists will simply neglect attending, and it would make the show look a bit silly.
That's nice of Twins.

Is this Joey's first time in not getting an award at a JSG quarter awards?
but joey was sick and she needed medical treatment...TVB is so inconsiderate
Thanks for the clip, l0v3j03y! It's a shame that Joey didn't win anything at this award show, and it was because of this reason that I didn't even bother watching this show last night on TV. I think "Illicit Romance" was the only Joey song that was nominated for an award for the best commercial song? I'm not 100% positive but I think Joey has won awards in the past when she didn't attend the show?
Yeah she won an award for Who Will Love Me at JSG selection rounds in 2001.. But she didn't attend cause she was doing some overseas show in Canada for TVB haha.
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