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Full Version: [Youtube] Joey I love you, I wanna be your first boyfriend
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Omgosh.... I decided to update myself a little on Joey which is like once in a blue moon so I searched on YT and the first thing that popped up was this...


Theres more on his YT account. Farout.. it to be YOU to find the most FREAKISH THING!

"今日是2009年7月9日星期四 ,地點是香港某個公園。 以下內容是講給美少女 容祖兒公主收聽的。 (吸一口氣Wink容祖兒,我愛妳、愛妳、愛妳。 我想成為妳美少女容祖兒公主 的初戀男朋友。"
:haha: :haha: :haha:

Funniest thing I've seen all day. Thanks
oi nei oi nei oi nei oi nei oi nei oi nei LMFAOOO WTF, coming from a 39 year old man
I'm tempted to add him
omg.. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WTF.. someone should take him to the doc.. LOL
Come on, Deng. Own up.

OMG. 我愛你愛你愛你愛你愛你愛你愛你愛你愛你愛你愛你!
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