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Full Version: Song of the year: Hins Cheung Feat. George Lam-相對論
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has a very salsa feel to it:

[Image: 2vcalv4.jpg]

yup, it's doing incredibly well on the charts, even better than kay's song last year; here's how it's doing in the charts thus far:

RTHK: (2x #1)

9 > 6 > 5 > 2 > 1 > 1 > 5 > 11

CRHK: (1x #1)

19 > 15 > 6 > 3 > 5 > 7 > 3 > 3 > 1

MetroRadio: (2x #1)

18 > 14 > 10 > 6 > 7 > 5 > 1 > 1


9 > 6 > 3 >3
ah lam is undeniably getting old. His singing is really on the downslide. Same with leon lai.
song of the yr, haha u said that for many songs already.

- Janice's if there was no fairytale
- Kay's song of the yr
- Eason's sand dragon and 700 years later
there's 10 afterall i guess Tongue
^well, im referring to just one

spoiledbrat Wrote:song of the yr, haha u said that for many songs already.

- Janice's if there was no fairytale
- Kay's song of the yr
- Eason's sand dragon and 700 years later

i said it was a rare circumstance that janice's song was #1 2 weeks in a row on rthk so it had a good it turns out hins' song did that this year as well.....

kay's song of the year reminded me of wedding invitation street and i really liked wedding invitation street and like kay's song of the year.....but i've changed my mind since hearing eason's sand dragon. it's going to take a really really good song for me to consider another song being better than sand dragon. 700 years later did the best so far for eason...and i dont think they'll let him have 2 #1 songs....sand dragon is my personal song of the year; but:

hins' song has done the best on the stations so it's goign to be the awards' ceremonys best song this year thus far...who knows what will happen in the next 6 months....but what hins' song did is rare
Thanks.. downloaded it and tried listening twice.. doesn't sound good at all.. like two squeaky old men singing.. the tune is like a brazillian samba song only, nothing special at all..

P/S: Deleted it as well too.. yep, emptied the recycle bin Wink
Song of the Year: 1st plug (and only new song) on Joey's 10th anniversary album Big Grin

The song's pretty good, and hearing the two of them perform the song live twice was really awesome (i went to a recording of JSG and i was also at the 1st night of George's HK Coliseum concert where Hins was the guest). But iunno about the song of the year, its just not the type of song that would become really popular among the general public (especially the younger generation).
when is Joey going to have a song of the year again? LOL
it's probably still too early to coin it as song of the year... probably hin's song of the year
it's kinda weird how this song is doing "so" well since I wouldn't think hk people would like Latin music, it's probably just the radio station pumping this song up (not that I don't like this song, it's just abnormal in the hk music trend lol)
and isn't eason's song called "saloon"? unless it's really about a sand dragon... don't know the lyrics too well
Definitely not my type of music... BUTT <3 Hins and it's good he gets to work with Ah Lam
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