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Full Version: Joey's new movie ticketbox sales...
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well...aparently, after i dont know, 1 or 2 days since it's opening... the box office reporst some $380k which is not bad... but not good. <2046> which came out at the same time almost has $1million. Everyone knows that Ching Waan's movies all go past $10million in ticket sales but this one prolly won't :bawling:


wat? awww....poor Joey :therethere:
Awww, poor Joey, it must be Yumiko and the other dude who's usually in the TVB series. >_<


LOLLLL well think of it this way... at least SOME people went to go see it! hahahah i wanna see it anyways...


the lil short dude that acts with ATV??

those ppl dont kno what they're missing Rolleyes anyhoo I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT!!!! Big Grin
who is in 2046???...because im really curious y its doing better than joey's movie
ATV? lol noo, he's in Perish too.. as well as... some others.. Rolleyes lol
wahh... thats really bad mann.. i mean compared to 10 million.... but then it came out at a very bad time... 2046 is a big budget movie.. it took them 5 years to finish filming that.
but...WHO is in it??!?!?!
No wonder, lol they should have delayed the movie to next week then lol
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