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Full Version: Fiona Sit - XBF - F-Debut
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Quite possibly my favourite Fiona track


XBF - 薛凱琪 - F-Debut
FiFi is now overtaking Faye on my list :haha:
The soft mix is so much better than the normal one.
oh, let me hv a hear...
Such a good song.

Bump: Here's the softmix version

Direct Youtube Video
XBF (Softmix) - 'F'-Debut - 薛凱琪

Direct mp3 Download
XBF (Softmix) - 'F'-Debut - 薛凱琪

It's impossible to find this anywhere online besides my Youtube video. I prefer the original by miles.
wow JiangYu i havent been on JG for a week n ur moving on from Faye to Fi??? i think Faye can definitley sing better than Fiona...but fiona is nice too...i like her acting skills its so natural
lols. I've liked FiFi for some time now but if I had to be honest, my interest in Faye was dying down when I joined this site, which explains why I haven't listened to her much recently.
We're dragging you to the real world Tongue
lol. Electric Angel is definitely the best Fiona album.
^Definitely. If only the good days were back in town =(