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Full Version: Eason Chan's H3M Album (sample songs here)
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here's the link to sample the new songs:
it's out tomorrow...or in several hours depending on where you live.

it's a very good album from what i've heard...i think it's the frontrunner for album of the year so far...and it might include 3-4 huge hits...maybe garnering, for the first time in a long time, an album with 2 top 10 songs of the year by the same artist...

01. Allegro, Opus 3.3 a.m. (plugged already, funky and nice to hear in a good mood)
02. 還有什麼可以送給你 (soothing melody, an ok song)
03. 於心有愧 (just the 1st or 2nd verse...can't get much of a read from the sample)
04. 今天只做一件事 (slow...sounds folk-like, an ok song)
05. 一個旅人 (nice song! it's like a mellower allegro opus 3.3am)
06. 七百年後 (one of the big hits...very dramatic movie like feeling to it)
07. Life Goes On (a great song!!! a very happy song)
08. 太陽照常升起 (an ok song...need to hear a little more)
09. 不來也不去 (has the same dramatic feel as 700 years later which means this is in the running for the big hit)
10. 沙龍 (my favorite song from the album...probably tied with 700 years later...consonance vs dissonance is really balanced well in this song. whenever you do dramatic songs, it's good to have this slow way of building the song up and i can feel from the demo of the song, it does that.)
Thanks for the link, Qoo! After listening to each of the sample songs, the songs I'm liking are tracks 2, 3, 7 and 10. I quite like listening to Eason singing slow songs, so I'm pleased that there are quite a few good slow songs on this album. Judging by the quality of this album, I'll definitely buy it together with Kay's one, when Joey's album is released.
lol i skimmed through several songs on this's really good...the entire album is rock themed (of course) while the others are great, 700 years later has the best melody cuz its very dramatic.

i think an eventual definite plug from the album is 於心有愧...during moov live, eason raised the issue of whether they should plug this song and like all the members raised their hands.

i think there's going to be many plugs from this album as there's a bunch of very good songs on here and it would be a way to pay tribute to the experience of h3m band as a group.

all members wrote/composed a song on this album so it's really has a really diverse feel to it!